When someone mentions commercial construction careers, the first things someone might imagine is people wearing hardhats and swinging hammers. But construction leaders are often on the cutting edge of business and technology in order to stay competitive. From new legislation aimed at protecting workers in the field to the use of 3D printing, 2019 was an exciting year for construction advancements. Here are some of the 2020 commercial construction trends we’re seeing on the horizon.

The Rise of Digital Technologies

Digital technologies like robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence are all transforming the way that construction firms operate. Worksites are making use of technological advancements to keep their teams safe on construction projects. The use of drones is becoming more common across the industry and can help to improve both safety and productivity. Construction firms who are leading the pack are taking advantage of the technological advancements that help them be safer and more efficient.

New Safety Equipment

Good construction leadership always know the importance of keeping workers safe on job sites. There is always a demand for better safety equipment to reduce the number of accidents and deaths across the industry. Last year, we shared some of the legal changes being made at the federal level to keep workers safe from heat-related injuries. 2020 is already looking to continue that momentum by ushering in a new era of construction safety with several new equipment advances. One unique tool is Wi-Fi enabled work boots that can inform worksite supervisors where employees are and even if they might be too tired to operate heavy machinery.

Green Construction Trends

Owners, contractors, and construction estimators will face even more pressure this year to build projects in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient way. From carbon scrubbing building facades and bricks made of recycled cigarette butts to self-healing asphalt and thermally driven air conditioners, there is a variety of green construction products already being used to help create a carbon-neutral footprint. Be on the lookout for some of the following green construction trends that are expected to influence the future of commercial building:

  • LEED Certification – A growing number of commercial businesses are recognizing the advantages of LEED-certified construction. It not only helps owners use less water and energy, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Net-Zero Energy Buildings – The concept of a building creating as much renewable energy as it consumes is referred to as net-zero energy. California is one of the first states to set net-zero energy goals for all new commercial construction projects by the year 2030. Some companies across the nation have also committed to producing as much energy as they use by installing wind turbines, geothermal and solar energy systems and more energy-efficient light bulbs.


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