Construction technology trends continue to advance making job sites safer, and many of the related processes much more efficient. For instance, did you know that it’s now possible to connect construction job sites to the cloud? Not too long ago, contractors were limited regarding the methods that were available to communicate back-and-forth with project managers, engineers, etc. The use of fax machines and overnight couriers often lead to significant delays at many job sites across the U.S.

Here are five notable technology trends currently being used in the commercial construction industry:

1. Smartphones

Thanks to technology trends like smartphones, construction supervisors, estimators, and others are able to share project data via email, Dropbox and a variety of other effective methods.

2. Cloud-Based Strategy

A majority of construction firms that were surveyed in 2016 mentioned that they already use, or planned to use cloud-based software in the future. According to Jay Gagne, chief technology officer for Philadelphia-based data storage and IT management firm Razor Technology, “This mobility in the cloud offers construction organizations anything from time and material tracking to insight into daily project completion from anywhere in the world, as well as analytics and performance efficiencies.”

3. 3-D Printing

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3-D printing in the construction industry is already being demonstrated around the world ranging from 3-D printed single family homes to the first 3-D printed excavator. It’s been said that this technology trend could lead to a disruption of conventional building practices since it offers alternatives to modular construction, on-site manufacturing of building materials, and the ability to create parts, tools and even complete machines on-demand. But, this technology comes with its downfalls. Some of the printers aren’t very cost-effective, and would require robotics specialists to operate.

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

A growing number of construction firms are harnessing the power of VR allowing them to transform their plans and structural layouts from a standard two-dimensional page into an interactive world. This allows users to walk through projects and experience key elements of layouts before they are even built.

5. Drones

The use of drones in the commercial construction industry is yet another up-and-coming trend. Drones can be extremely useful because they provide real time aerial views to monitor the progress of respective projects. The technology has also proven extremely beneficial to earth movers reviewing grading efficiency.


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