Most companies and recruiters use social networking websites like LinkedIn to research potential construction candidates. So, it’s more important now than ever for both passive and active candidates to establish and maintain a professional presence on the platform. Here are some LinkedIn tips to improve your profile if you want to attract construction recruiters and construction firms.

LinkedIn Tips

  1. Stay Discreet
    It may not be prudent to inform your boss and coworkers when you are considering a career move. It could lead to losing your current job before you even receive your next offer. Yet, you will still need to make the necessary edits and updates to your profile to show you are actively searching for new construction jobs. If you want to keep your intentions discreet, then simply ensure that the “notify your network” button is switched off.
  2. Optimize the Tagline
    Having just the right keywords and phrases is essential to a successful LinkedIn profile because it’s what hiring managers use to find candidates. It should be used to motivate readers to learn more about your personality, education, employment background, etc. Use keywords that are directly related to specific job descriptions that you are interested in.
  3. Use a Professional Headshot
    The power of a professional headshot should never be underestimated. Not only should the photo be professional, but it should also be appropriate for the type of job for which you are applying. Hiring managers will feel more of personal connection with candidates whose photo accurately reflects the person. Rather than displaying a sloppy selfie, candidates that invest in a professional photo also increase the likelihood of employers viewing their profiles.
  4. Create Summary & Experience Sections
    These sections should be driven by the details of your professional achievements. LinkedIn allows users to promote their personal brands with a 2,000-character space to showcase their key accomplishments. Include verifiable examples of professional achievements here along with referrals to other significant sections of your profile. Candidates are also encouraged to use action-driven information that highlights your most important professional triumphs. Imagine speaking directly to hiring managers and telling them how you were able to save your current employer money, helped them to make money, and how you improved the outcome of a project.
  5. Embed Media Elements
    The main goal should always be to create the most intriguing profile. In addition to a professional headshot, candidates who include other forms of media like documents, videos, and audio files, typically get more views than those that don’t include any of these elements. It’s easy to embed these links into the summary, work experience, and education sections.
  6. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness
    Since nearly half of all LinkedIn users rely on mobile apps, it’s crucial that your profile is optimized for mobile devices too.

Some final tips to make your profile standout are keeping contacts updated on a regular basis, stay engaged by liking and commenting on other user’s status updates and including recommendations on your profile. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile puts you in a much better position to receive the offer you want. If you’d like to speak to a recruiter about possible career opportunities in commercial construction, reach out to Brian Binke directly.

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