Employee incentive programs are important because low morale can have many negative ramifications on employment. Employees with low morale are much more likely to quit, but they also don’t perform as well. Moreover, high turnover can hurt your construction firm’s reputation and make it harder for you to attract construction talent. Here are some signs you need a new program to attract construction candidates.

1. High Turnover

Whether your employees are consistently coming in late or not at all, or they show up but only put in minimal effort, this is a clear sign that your employees lack engagement. Chances are they wake up dreading their work day. Not only does this cost the company money, but there is a good chance you will start to see employees giving their two-weeks notice.

2. Inability to Attract Top Performers

It’s fairly normal to attract an occasional underachiever, but when a majority of your team is performing poorly, you know you have a problem. You should be bringing in top talent who can drive your company’s success. If this isn’t happening, you need to consider taking steps to improve your culture and retention plan. Part of great retention is having a great incentive plan for your employees to succeed.

3. Lack of Motivation

Usually, a motivated employee will take initiative. They will volunteer to do a task or to give you hand. Maybe they will offer to stay late. If employees are not happy, they aren’t going to put in the extra effort. If you find that you have to assign all the work for anything to get done, you probably need a new incentive program.

4. Low Morale

Another sign you need a better incentive program is that your employees do not get along with each other. If they fight a lot, avoid each other, or struggle to work as a team, this is a problem. They are likely unhappy with their work environment, which means they are looking for a new job. One thing to watch for is employees trying to take on large project on their own. In a healthy work environment, they would do large projects as a team.

5. Your Organization’s Reputation is Suffering

Little complaints here and there are normal, but if your employees are constantly complaining this should be a red flag. Not only are these employees more likely to quit, they are also more likely to complain about the company after the fact. This is one way a company can start to attain a bad reputation.

6. Employees Stop Talking to You

If it seems like employees are starting to avoid you, this is the biggest sign they are thinking about quitting. If it seems like a lot of employees are avoiding you, you definitely need a new incentive program. Maybe employees who used to come up to you all the time to ask questions suddenly stop. Or maybe every conversation is now about the weather. Maybe every time you have a conversation with an employee, they look like they would rather be anywhere else. These are all red flags.

If you see any of these things happening, you have a team with low morale, and this means retention is about to become a problem, if it isn’t already. A new and improved incentive program can help keep new employees engaged, which, in turn, will help improve retention.

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