In the post-pandemic environment, office construction will enter a new era. The design of office buildings is changing to accommodate greater flexibility, increases in telecommuting, and more. Here are some of the changes you can expect in office construction in the coming years.

Flexible Workspaces

Workspaces will become more flexible over time. Companies will want their employees to have the ability collaborate closely with each other, while still being able to accommodate social distancing when necessary. The events of the past year have led businesses to think differently about office safety. Designers need to pay closer attention to density. If there are other pandemics in the future, businesses need ways to create distance between employees without having to shut down. By using movable dividers, incorporating outdoor work areas, and thinking creatively about space, designers can create more dynamic offices that accommodate future health and safety concerns.

Remote Work

Remote workers represent a much greater percentage of the workforce than they did ten years ago. Still, office buildings remain the center of business life. Even companies that rely heavily on remote workers often prefer physical office spaces for projects that involve a lot of collaboration. Companies are strategically incorporating technology into offices in ways that enable employees who work from home to readily interact with employees who work from the office.

Integrating Nature into the Workplace

Studies have shown that natural light, scenic views, and greenery can improve the focus and mental health of employees. Designers are taking notice. A major trend right now is mid-door spaces. Some well-known examples of mid-door spaces can be seen in The Shed in New York City and the Milan Central Station. These spaces have the feel of being outdoors, but still offer the benefits of indoor spaces, such as protection from rain, snow, and other precipitation. Architects are creating office spaces that incorporate many natural elements, such as trees and waterfalls. Not only do these types of spaces create more relaxing environments, but they also encourage higher productivity and decrease energy and construction costs

The nature of office buildings is changing. Organizations no longer wants offices that are filled with cubicles or feel segmented and cold. They want workspaces that offer warmth, bring in elements of nature, accommodate remote workers, and promote collaboration and flexibility. In light of the current pandemic, companies are also thinking about how they can create spaces that will keep their employees and clients safer.



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