Construction estimators play a critical role in the construction industry by determining the cost of projects. They are responsible for gathering and analyzing information to create a detailed and accurate estimate of the cost of materials, labor, and equipment required to complete a construction project. This estimate is then used to determine the budget for the project and to negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers.

The construction industry is a dynamic and competitive field, and the demand for skilled and experienced construction estimators continues to grow. The average salary for top chief construction estimators with 12-15 years of experience in the field is between $130,000 – $170,000, making it an attractive career choice for those with the necessary skills and experience.


Location and Experience Matters

However, it’s important to note that the actual salary for construction estimators can vary based on several factors such as location, years of experience, type of construction projects, and company size. For example, construction estimators working in metropolitan areas with high cost of living tend to earn higher salaries compared to those working in smaller towns.

Similarly, construction estimators with more years of experience and specialized skills tend to earn higher salaries compared to those with limited experience. Chief construction estimators in the Northwest make the most, averaging $195,080 a year, which is significantly greater than the US average.


The Right Skills

The most in-demand skills for construction estimators are construction and project management. Only a small percentage of applicants list these on their resume, making those who do highly qualified and on the top of the pay scale.

Having the right terminology in your resumes is critical. Be clear about how your skills connect with the role and use the right words to bridge the connection.


Connect with Others

A construction estimator that expects to earn a six-figure salary should also be a good communicator and be able to work with other professionals in the industry. They should be able to negotiate with suppliers and subcontractors to secure materials and services at the best price, collaborate with project managers and architects to ensure the accuracy of cost estimates.

They should also stay updated on industry trends and advancements to remain competitive.


Understanding the Analytical Side of Things

Perhaps most importantly, construction estimators should have a strong background in math. Estimating will be crunching numbers and projects will involve a large amount of information, including blueprints, specifications, and pricing data.

All the numbers and all the data that an estimator will be looking at will need to be analyzed and translated into making a bid. Cost estimating software can help estimator’s jobs much easier, but having a feel for accurate numbers is still critical.

Construction estimators must be highly organized in order to keep track of all of this information and ensure that they are able to make accurate calculations.


Final Thoughts

The construction industry offers a wide range of opportunities for those with the necessary skills and experience, and the average salary for top chief construction estimators is around $150,000, making it a lucrative career choice.

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