As a member of Detroit Economic Club (DEC), I look forward to seeing who they will invite to speak at their upcoming conferences. When they announced in 2015 they would host a members-only meet and greet and an on-stage interview with PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Bob is genuinely one of the most influential business leaders in the world. Aside from his groundbreaking business innovation, his out-of-the-box approach to recruiting and retaining Millennials has become a roadmap for retention for businesses across every industry. It was an honor and a pleasure speaking with Bob, and inspiring to hear him speak.

Millennials Are More Than An Age Range

Bob’s innovative approach to recruiting and retaining a generation that sometimes gets a bad rap as job hoppers hits the nail on the head. He spoke to us regarding how companies must think of Millennials as, not just an age range, but as a demographic shift. The fact is, Millennials are the largest sector of the workforce and the largest and fastest growing sector of consumers, investors, and activists. I took copious notes, regarding how this mindset shift could be leveraged to help my construction clients maintain the retention required for the success of their long-term projects.

Engaging Millennials In A Globalized Workforce

“If the US doesn’t see its talent pool as a competitive advantage against other countries, we’re out of business.” Bob Moritz

TBG is based in Michigan, but we are a nationwide construction recruitment firm, whose clients often find themselves bidding on and building projects for clients from around the world.

Bob spoke to us regarding how Millennials grew up in a globalized world, where they have instant access to everything they want to know or learn at their fingertips. They have been taught to challenge the status quo on every front. They have easier access to worldwide travel, classmates, and colleagues from foreign countries, and social media allows them to consider the world without geographic borders. This is a fact, not opinion, and it is the big picture global reality. It is also a fact you can leverage as a local, nationwide, and global advantage.

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Network

PricewaterhouseCoopers International Network (PwC) is a business consulting and accounting firm that employs 200,000+ people in 156 countries. Bob and PwC have made headlines for their innovative strategies designed for recruiting millennials. PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz speaks on how they, not only recruit, but have improved retention in all demographics, particularly Millennials.

For a sneak peek at some of Bob’s pearls of wisdom, watch the short video clip below:

While it might be easy to write off this demographic as lazy, PwC’s research shows, when you master the art of attracting and recruiting millennials, you will create a more engaged and more innovative workforce. He challenges us all not to look for the stereotypical downside, but challenges us to take responsibility for our retention rates for all demographics.

If your largest challenge in recruiting Millennials is that they aren’t applying, then you aren’t attuned to their needs as employee, consumer, investor, and activist. This also means you are not set up for longevity as an employer, or as a business. To create a staffing strategy geared towards retaining, attracting, and recruiting Millennials, reach out to TBG today.