4/30/2018: Brian Binke Featured in Construction Today

Hiring the best construction talent for project management, superintendent and estimator jobs is just the first step in the process of driving success for your firm. The most reputable construction firms also focus on building leaders within their ranks. Creating strong leaders helps build a solid core in your organization, keeping it steady in the face of change or adversity. Here are some tips for fostering leadership skills in the workplace.

Provide a Mentor
It’s often noted that great leaders have mentors themselves. From Bill Gates to Sheryl Palmer, some of the most successful leaders learned many of their skills from mentors. Mentors are invaluable assets when it comes to teaching and fostering leadership skills within a company. One powerful step to develop great construction leadership is to nudge people out of their comfort zone. Assigning an experienced mentor can help challenge new recruits to break through any boundaries that could be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Mentors are also proven resources for boosting self-esteem among team members and providing them with useful knowledge that is needed to complete the job. Construction recruiters suggest setting workers up with mentors because it also helps to reduce stress and promote feedback.