Partnering with a highly experienced construction recruiter to land talented new hires is often the first step toward future success. Yet, promoting trust within a workplace is just as important as building a loyal customer base who believes in your services. When employees believe in a company, their leaders, and their colleagues, it improves teamwork, performance, and communication. That’s why more leaders are focused on creating greater levels of psychological safety in the workplace. Try some of these strategies to build trust with your new hires for long term success.

1. Make a good impression on day one.

Something that separates good construction leadership from others is acknowledging the concerns, suggestions, and questions of new hires on their first day. Don’t wait for annual performance reviews to be transparent. Use digital channels to be in contact with new hires on day one in addition to in-person meetings.

2. Encourage personal connections.

It’s also important to get to know the people on your team and allow them to know you. You can show employees that you are one of them by emphasizing what you have in common or hosting lunches on a regular basis.

3. Promote transparency and truthfulness.

Rumors can quickly deflate the confidence of a workforce, so leaders are encouraged to share financial results, performance metrics, and notes from board meetings with employees.

4. Provide encouragement rather than commands.

There is a fine line between telling people what to do and providing them with the encouragement they need to accomplish their goals. If you trust them by delegating tasks, and giving them the autonomy to do them, then they will trust you in return.

5. Give credit and take blame.

Give new hires credit for their accomplishments and hold yourself accountable for mistakes. Rules are made for everybody in the organization to follow including CEOs and managers. Competent leaders are also willing to accept the expertise of others and give them credit.

6. Avoid playing favorites.

Professional development is just one thing that suffers when managers have favorite employees. Do not assume that you’re not playing favorites, you could be doing it and not even know it. It’s important to share assignments in a fair way, think inclusively and consider the perspectives of employees.

7. Cultivate a controlled risk-taking environment.

Innovation and employee development is dependent on taking some risks along the way. Encouragement is always a better motivator than rejection.

High employee turnover is typically indicative of toxic workplace cultures that usually have something else in common– a lack of trust. Trust is contagious, and spreading it among new hires is a good place to start. Communicate face-to-face with employees regularly, and especially when you have to deliver difficult news. The seven tips above will put you on track to establish trust on your team and enjoy the success that ensues.


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