Before you can attract Gen Z workers, you are going to need to know the difference between millennials and Generation Z workers.

 Understand Gen Z

The first thing you need to do is understand what is different between Gen Z workers and millennials. Understanding that millennials grew up with Boomers for parents helps you realize why they feel entitled. Their parents didn’t want them to know hard times.

By contrast, GenZ grew up with parents living through difficulties such as the Challenger explosion, Berlin Wall, Watergate, and then had the economic blow of 2008. GenZ watched their parents cut spending and therefore feel lucky to have a well-paying job.

Know What to Offer Gen Z

This means one of the best ways to attract GenZ employees is to make sure you offer them what they want. This includes job security, good pay, and great benefits. Many employers find it a relief to offer these benefits because millennials were driven by the need to find meaning with their career; a benefit harder to measure in a standardized manner.

At the same time, however, you must offer Gen Z candidates a clear path for their careers as well as incentives to remain loyal. In other words, you need to provide them sufficient value in their current compensation and their future career trajectory.

 Recruit Actively for Your Construction Firm

Remember that while technology is your friend, it can also be a problem when it comes to recruiting. If you can get people interested in the act of building before getting swallowed up with playing with their smartphones, you will have their interest.

Places to consider reaching young people are career fairs and seminars. Also, consider STEM programs and even 4H. Talking to youth about what makes them passionate about construction and introducing them to fun projects is one of the best ways to attract Generation Z.

 Mentor Your Future Employees

Don’t forget the advantages of mentoring youth. While this may seem similar to the above, mentoring goes much deeper than introducing youth to the construction field. When Gen Z knows their skillset will be paid for and not only nurtured but developed with a laid-out plan for success, they will eagerly seek you out.

When your apprentices and those you are mentoring see the security offered in the construction industry, they will feel more confident in their decision to continue working within it. In fact, more than 66 percent of this up-and-coming workforce want stability over enjoyment in their job. This makes it easier for your construction firm to recruit them.

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