Many people have misconceptions about working with a construction recruiter. While there are certainly some bad recruiters, most people who choose to work with one will notice an improvement in their job search. Before ruling out working with a construction recruiting team to find your next job, let’s look into common misconceptions.

Misconception: A Recruiter’s Goal Is to Find You a Job

 One of the biggest areas of confusion about recruiters is who they work for or what their ultimate goal is. Some people mistakenly believe that one of their goals is to find a job for candidates.

The truth is that recruiters work for companies looking to fill jobs. They do not work for the candidates. Their goal is to find someone who would work for the job in question, not to find you a job.

That means that if you give your information to a recruiter, you should not assume that they will go out of their way to find you a job. However, you should expect that they will keep you in mind for future job opportunities. If a client hires them to fill a position and they feel you are a good fit, they will suggest you. This means that working with a recruiter should be part of your job search but just one part of it.

It is important to note that even though a recruiter’s ultimate goal is to fill the position, they also work hard to ensure that everyone is happy with the outcome. This means that they will not typically recommend you for a role that you would not enjoy. This is how they appeal to both candidates and companies.

Misconception: All Recruiters Are the Same

 It is a common misconception that every recruiter or recruiting firm is the same. This leads people who have a single bad experience, or hear about one, to write off the idea of recruiters entirely.

In reality, every recruiter is different; each has a different style. There are also differences in who recruiters work for. Some companies outsource recruiting, while others have in-house recruiters.

Misconception: Candidates Have to Pay Recruiters

 There are some common misconceptions about who pays recruiters, all of which revolve around the candidate having to pay. Some people mistakenly believe that recruiters charge high fees, while others think they take a percentage of your salary. Neither of these is true.

The company that hires the candidate will pay the recruiter. Those in the construction leadership have set aside part of the hiring budget for recruiters. This means that accepting a job from a recruiter will not cost you anything.

As a follow-up, recruiters also don’t charge candidates to include their information in their database. Essentially, as someone exploring construction careers, you will not have to pay a recruiter anything. The company that hires you via the recruiter will pay them.

Misconception: Recruiters Decide Who Gets Hired

Yet another common misconception is that recruiters get to decide who a company hires for a role.

The reality is that construction recruiting firms make suggestions to their clients. The company always has the final decision, though. The recruiter will only decide whether you are worthy of consideration for the company in question. The key is that while they can recommend you, recruiters do not get the final say.

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