The competition for Superintendent positions is fierce.  Shift your sights to the post of Assistant Superintendent and you’ll also find you aren’t the only person under consideration for the role.  Adding experience to your resume that familiarizes you with the industry and the demands of this unique post is certainly helpful yet it is only one way to differentiate yourself from the pack.

Assistant Superintendent Skills to Develop

Succeeding as an Assistant Superintendent requires a specific skill set.  In particular, soft skills are especially important as this role requires managing other people.  Assistant Superintendents excel in these demanding roles when they emphasize communication.  These professionals interact with all sorts of parties including:

  • Fellow on-site workers
  • Contractors
  • Government officials
  • Property owners
  • Clients

Aside from being great communicators, Assistant Superintendent skills include leadership and integrity.  These professionals lead others faced with demanding and complex construction projects, providing guidance both verbally and through physical action.

Assistant Superintendents are often tasked with solving complex issues pertaining job sites including adhering to local rules, regulations, standards and client expectations.

Construction Assistant Superintendent Salary Expectations

While salary is not the only reason someone accepts a construction job, it remains a major contributing factor. Top construction superintendents often have a desired salary in mind. To achieve their desired salary goals, many candidates are willing to relocate. To remain competitive, construction firms must consider how to make relocation more attractive. It’s also critical to be informed about salaries across the country and the salary that candidates are looking to achieve.

Construction superintendent salaries vary depending on the geographic location and other factors. Below is a closer look at construction superintendent salary ranges and how firms can remain competitive.

Assistant Superintendent Salary Ranges

(Assistant Superintendent)

Region 20th Percentile 80th Percentile Mean Median
Midwest $83.54 $107.15 $97.94 $93.88
Mid-Atlantic $76.58 $103.67 $91.87 $89.61
Northeast $82.53 $113.57 $102.66 $96.92
Northwest $92.54 $117.72 $110.97 $105.47
Southeast $76.92 $96.81 $88.37 $87.37
Southwest $81.29 $100.52 $92.88 $92.88

*salaries do not reflect bonuses
**Percentile multiplied by $1000 reflects annual salary

Assistant Superintendent is typically responsible for projects in the range of $5 to $15 million. Most have between 3 to 5 years’ experience as a General Foreman or Superintendent Assistant. Superintendents must possess strong communication and leadership skills, as well as extensive technical knowledge. They manage multiple duties, including supervising laborers, scheduling and organizing the project to ensure it is both time and cost-effective, labor budgeting, quality control, and more. Works directly with the General Forman and their team to achieve effective and efficient project and staff management.

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