How much does a General Foreman make to plan, schedule, coordinate and supervise a construction project. The General Foreman’s salary ranges from $77,000 to over $100,000, depending on experience and location.  Other vital factors impacting compensation include skills, education, and professional certificates.

General Foreman Essential Job Functions

The essential job functions of a General Foreman include planning, coordinating, and supervising the construction of a project. This includes overseeing the functioning and maintenance of different equipment, inspecting the quality of all work productions, and determine the materials and equipment needed to complete projects. The General Foreman supervises employee selection and promotions, conducts employee evaluations and counseling, and keeps records of activities, performance, supplies used and accident reports. They also assist the foreman in training subordinate staff and are responsible for employee safety training.

Working Conditions

The General Foreman must be available throughout the week and to work different shifts when necessary. They must work outside in all kinds of weather, may be exposed to very loud noises, and are subject to a 24-hour call-out in emergencies.

Construction General Foreman Salary Ranges

General Foreman salaries vary depending on the geographic location and experience of candidates. Below is a closer look at Construction General Foreman salary ranges and how firms can remain competitive.

Region 20th Percentile 80th Percentile Mean Median
Midwest $77.02 $100.40 $91.97 $94.22
Mid-Atlantic $78.03 $97.37 $86.59 $87.59
Northwest $88.71 $104.01 $98.28 $90.97
Southeast $61.84 $84.00 $73.65 $74.21
Southwest $63.86 $84.44 $80.05 $73.09

*salaries do not reflect bonuses
**Percentile multiplied by $1000 reflects annual salary

General Foreman typically has at least 3 years’ experience as a Foreman. They are often onsite daily, and work with their Junior and Senior Superintendents to ensure all budgets, project tasks, quality requirements, specs, timelines, and regulations are on track and/or within regulations.


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