As a whole, you will have noticed construction jobs growing significantly in recent years. This trend will continue for at least the decade to come.

Experts predict high employment thanks to the predicted industry growth.

All Construction Jobs Growing Into 2026

From 2016 to 2026, experts predict construction and extraction jobs will grow by 11%. For reference, the prediction for all jobs as a whole is just 7%.

This 11% increase comes from the predicted 758,400 new jobs. That data is from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

While the industry overall is expected to experience growth, there are a few specific construction jobs growing more quickly than others.

Project or Construction Managers

Experts predict the growth of 11% for project or construction managers through 2026. In 2021, construction managers had a median salary of $95,260. The best states to work in to earn high pay in this role were Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, California, and New York.

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

This is one of the more specialized construction jobs that’s growing quickly in recent years. The increasing demand for solar power means an increased demand for solar photovoltaic installers. In fact, the growth through 2026 is predicted to be105%. This is an increase of 11,900 new jobs.

In 2021, the median salary for this construction role was $4,890. The best states in terms of compensation were Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Construction Laborers

Those who don’t have much experience in construction or don’t want management or specialized role still have plenty of opportunities in quickly growing jobs. Construction laborer jobs will increase by 13% through 2026.

These jobs are an excellent opportunity, as they don’t typically require specific skills or formal training. Instead, many skills are learned on the job.

For reference, the median salary for general construction workers in 2021 was $36,860. The best compensation was in Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois.


Those who turn their interest in construction into a specialization in plumbing will experience a 16% growth in job opportunities through 2026. This translates into nearly 76,000 new jobs. This is a great role for people who enjoy solving problems.

In 2021, the median salary for plumbers was $55,160. Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Alaska, and New Jersey had the best-paid plumbers.

Other Roles With Growth

As the construction industry as a whole is growing, it should come as no surprise that these are not the only roles with growth. Other notable construction careers experiencing growth include:

  • Civil engineers
  • Construction equipment operators
  • Electricians
  • Elevator installers or repairers
  • Glaziers
  • Ironworkers
  • Masons
  • Painters
  • Sheet metal workers


Overall, the construction industry is experiencing growth. This has been the case for the last several years, and experts predict it will continue. This means that any role in construction could be a good career path. Construction managers, solar photovoltaic installers, and general construction laborers are among the roles expected to grow the most.

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