Recruiters, construction leadership, and employees alike have noticed a rise in construction salaries. While the salaries are on the rise, there is still a serious shortage of workers. This means that high salaries are not enough. Many construction companies are still turning to recruiters to help them find talent.

The Rising Salaries Are Not New

The growth of construction salaries is not a recent development. Even as of 2014, articles reported that wages for skilled labor were “through the roof.”

In late 2019, BLS reported construction wages at the highest levels of the past ten years. Comparing September 2009 to 2019 saw an increase of $5.93. This applies to the average hourly earnings. From 2018 to 2019, the increase was $0.66.

The BLS also reported average weekly earnings in construction at these points. In September 2009, the weekly average was $933. By September 2018, it increased to $1,178.87. By September 2019, it was $1,226.24.

More Recent Increases

The Associated General Contractors of America released relevant data in 2021. They reported the changes to the average of all salaries and wages in construction. They found a was a year-over-year increase of 3.2%, reaching $30.73.

This significant increase in wages is not the only notable point. The increase in construction was higher than that in the private sector as a whole. For reference, the private sector’s figure was $27.90. As such, the construction figure is 10.1% higher.

The skilled labor shortage is likely a factor. The increased demand without a supply increases wages.

Relevant Figures

The 2018 Construction Craft Salary Survey provides some perspective on salaries in construction. It comes from the National Center for Construction Education & Research. They surveyed people in 32 construction positions at 130 companies.

The survey found that the average annual salary for construction is between $47,700 and $92,500. Project supervisors had average salaries of $88,000. Program managers had the highest average salary, $92,500.

Construction Salaries Are Not Enough to Attract Talent

As mentioned, even with the rising salaries, construction firms have trouble recruiting talent. Experts point out that this is because a good wage is not all the employees want from their jobs.

For example, some suggest incorporating more technology into construction. Younger generations are more familiar with the technology. As a bonus, technology also automates busy work. This way, employees can focus on useful and interesting tasks.

It Is a Great Time to Start a Construction Career

The rising salaries and high demand make it a great time for employees. This is true whether you already have a construction career or want to start one. Applicants will find recruiters competing to attract them. All of these recruiters will likely offer generous salaries.


The average salaries for those in construction have been growing for well over half a decade. If you are looking to fill construction roles, this means you need to offer a competitive salary. If you want a job in construction, use the knowledge to negotiate a better salary.

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