The commercial construction industry offers a dynamic and rewarding career path for those seeking growth, excitement, and the potential to earn six-figure salaries. The construction superintendent role is a prime example of how professionals can advance and be compensated generously for their expertise. However, it’s essential to understand that construction superintendent salaries can vary based on numerous factors such as location and experience. Firms aiming to remain competitive should regularly review construction superintendent salary ranges.


Key Factors for Success as a Construction Superintendent

To excel as a construction superintendent, individuals need a comprehensive skill set, which includes:

  1. Exceptional leadership and communication abilities
  2. Efficient time management and prioritization
  3. Proficient operational management and problem-solving
  4. Strong mathematical, budgeting, and estimating acumen
  5. High levels of productivity and efficiency
  6. Proven ability to collaborate and work effectively within diverse teams


The Significance of Salary in Career Choices

While compensation isn’t the only factor for choosing a construction job, it remains a crucial consideration. Many construction professionals have a target salary in mind, and they’re often willing to relocate for the right opportunity. To stay competitive, construction companies must develop strategies to make relocation more appealing and remain informed about salary trends nationwide.

To maintain their competitiveness, construction companies must explore ways to make relocation more appealing. Additionally, it is essential to remain well-informed regarding salaries throughout the nation, as well as the level of compensation that job candidates are striving to obtain.


Construction Superintendent I Salary Ranges

[Use salary information from Salary Guide 2023]

Region 20th Percentile 80th Percentile Mean Median
Midwest $106.45 $136.43 $123.14 $121.26
Mid-Atlantic $105.40 $142.62 $125.12 $120.45
Northeast $118.10 $165.61 $143.32 $142.74
Northwest $114.84 $144.37 $131.30 $127.81
Southeast $100.38 $129.44 $116.94 $115.54
Southwest $101.07 $129.09 $115.08 $115.44

*Salaries do not reflect bonuses
**Percentile multiplied by $1000 reflects annual salary

The role of Superintendent I involves overseeing construction projects ranging from $5 to $49 million. Typically, individuals in this position have accumulated 5 to 10 years of experience as a Junior Superintendent and/or Foreman. Their primary responsibility is to manage Junior Assistants, Foreman, and a diverse range of laborers while leading a junior team. This involves scheduling and organizing the project to ensure that it is completed efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, they drive quality control measures to ensure that the project meets all specifications and standards.

Other typical duties of a construction superintendent I may include supervising the construction crew, ordering construction materials and supplies, coordinating deliveries, and maintaining a safe and clean work environment. They may also be responsible for scheduling work activities, inspecting completed work for quality control purposes, and handling any issues or problems that arise during the construction process.


The Path to Success as a Construction Superintendent

A successful Construction Superintendent should possess excellent communication, time management, and problem-solving skills. They should also have extensive construction industry experience and be proactive in taking the initiative when necessary. Building strong working relationships with subcontractors, crews, and Construction Foremen is critical to ensure smooth operations and timely project completion.


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