Across the board, when successful construction companies get asked what the key to their success is, they respond that clear communication is an essential factor. When you focus on communication to improve management, you get better results. Here are some reasons why communication is key, especially at construction sites:

It helps improve relationships. These are the lifeblood of the construction business. Decisions are made on relationships and trust. Open and transparent communication increase trust when completing a task or working with machines. This trust, built on clear communication, is empowering.

It fosters innovation. Many workers have different experiences and backgrounds; when communication is open, these experiences can be part of the hive mind. Talking about different approaches and challenges fosters more creativity.

Communication helps to build strength and confidence across your team. Remember that the whole is more significant than the parts. An effective team develops solutions and anticipates problems through effective communication, especially with a high-stakes job such as construction. When this is a success, they are more confident and booming.

Quality communication affects the feedback exchange. The best construction leaders consistently let their team know where they are succeeding and where they can improve. Clear communication is an asset, whether physical with tools or mental with problem-solving. When the ups and downs are effectively communicated, employees become a team that grows together.

Effective communication has also been shown to improve safety. The better the flow of communication, the more likely the team is to understand and follow instructions. Leaving grey areas leads to opportunities for mistakes and unintended results. Focus on improving communication if you want projects delivered ahead of schedule, correctly, and within budget.

Communication is the first stepping-stone to improving your construction team and delivering more successful projects. The more discussions we have around challenges, the higher probability they will be correctly addressed. Resolving these problems quickly will keep your team moving forward through success.

Tips for Improving Communication in the Construction Industry 

Understanding the need for effective communication is excellent, but how do you develop it within your company?

Clear Chain of Command

One of the things that clog communication is having several people sharing the same information, such as safety guidelines. It is convenient to save instructions to new versions when edits are made. When you have multiple versions of the same instructions, you may no longer know which is the correct version.

Provide Supply Chain Updates

Make sure to address supply chain concerns and changes with the team.  This is where technology comes into good use. There are many platforms and opportunities to keep your communication with supply chains transparent. Apps like Quickbase, Knowify, and and Toolwatch can be of assistance.

Provide Clear and Up-to-date Timelines

Once deadlines start creeping up, it is natural for team members to focus on their role or footing in the relevant project. Using email, various apps, and platforms to communicate effectively will help prevent problems here. New technology with construction may seem daunting and time-consuming at first; however, in the end, it pays off by saving you time.

If something is new or added among a heavyweight or lightweight construction project, there are bound to be confused workers. Once various systems are put in place, and team members are educated on the effective use, everything is quicker and much easier.

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