There are many essential traits to look for in great construction superintendents. They regularly interact with workers, clients, and material suppliers. As such, they need both hard and soft skills. Great construction superintendents lead with every interaction they have with the team.

Great Construction Superintendents Lead by Example – Especially for Safety

One of the most important areas where great construction superintendents lead by example is safety. One of the many responsibilities of superintendents is to teach workers about safety protocols.

They can’t teach one thing and do another. Simply put, great superintendents always follow safety protocols, whether or not someone else is looking. Then, workers and visitors alike follow their lead.

They Research New Projects

Another area in which great construction superintendents lead by example is in terms of research. They show their team the importance of being prepared for projects. Some of the ways that superintendents prepare include:

  • Visiting the jobsite
  • Identifying potential risks or hazards
  • Getting necessary permits
  • Setting up safety training

 Construction superintendents regularly look at the finer details of project drawings. They always want to understand the project and see how it will work.

This research lets superintendents plan and overcomes potential challenges before they even arise.

They Understand the Value of Documentation

Because of the value superintendents place on research, they understand the importance of documentation. The need for documentation also comes from showing productivity and sticking to the budget.

But this knowledge of the importance of documentation is another area where superintendents lead by example. They keep accurate records during the project and encourage other workers to do the same.

They Have Good Communication and Writing Skills

In addition to leading by example, great construction superintendents will have strong communication and writing skills. They need to be able to communicate with everyone involved in the project. This includes workers, suppliers, execs, clients, and more.

Effective communication skills also include using industry lingo in technical reports and using more laymen’s terms when necessary.

They Delegate

The best superintendents recognize the value of delegating tasks. They understand that they can’t be everywhere and do everything. They know delegating tasks is crucial for staying on budget and time.

Extra Benefits of Delegating

Savvy superintendents don’t just delegate to stick to the schedule. They also understand the other advantages of delegating, such as:

  • Giving workers the chance to improve their skills
  • Giving workers more confidence in their skills
  • Encouraging workers to share ideas
  • Potentially providing workers with small-scale leadership opportunities for their own career advancement


The best construction superintendents will lead by example. This is true in terms of safety, documentation, and work ethic. It would be best to look for superintendents who have great communication skills and understand the importance of delegating duties.

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