Problem solving, organization, and teamwork are just a few of the key skills that you need to succeed as a construction leader. Construction managers also share some common hobbies that improve their abilities to lead and inspire. Here are some hobbies that can make you better at construction management.

Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching

A sense of satisfaction from giving back is just one of the many benefits of being a teacher or a mentor. Even the skills learned while coaching a little league team are transferable to construction management since it teaches you to communicate, lead, and work more easily with diverse populations. Some of the most successful leaders are also proponents of the STEAM disciplines, science, technology, engineering, art and math. Some have coached Science Olympiad teams which teach valuable skills like building structures and circuits.

News Junky or Tech Nerd

Informed managers tend to make better construction leaders. It’s important to know what’s trending around the industry and who’s winning projects in order to stay competitive. By being an avid follower of current events and technological innovations, you can stay on the cutting edge of construction advances and leadership trends. Here are some good sources to stay up to date with what’s happening in construction.

  • ENR News Alerts – The Engineering News Record provides news, data, studies, and resources for the construction industry at the global level. Considered the foremost authority in construction publications, it’s a great resource for professionals.
  • Construction Dive – This informative online publication covers residential and commercial construction issues for construction executives.
  • Dodge Report – The Dodge Report is the industry standard for data and analytics on project bidding.
  • Construction News – A weekly publication covering major industry headlines.
  • Local business and news publications – Regional business magazines and newspapers can be a great resource for construction professionals.

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

Volunteering programs like this can be an effective way for professionals to earn leadership time while building networking opportunities. They can provide transformational leadership and professional development while giving back to the community at the same time.

Sponsor or Mentor of a Future City Team

You can use your expertise and share your passion for the industry to promote construction careers and help younger generations design and build cities of the future by getting involved in the Future City Competition. It also helps you stay in the know about emerging skills that are in demand.

Memberships to Service or Business Organizations

Organizations like the Detroit Economic Club, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, or a local BNI chapter are great organizations for getting involved in the community and improving leadership skills. Members are the first to learn about the most important business, government, and social issues confronting the community. From creating new business relationships to exclusive access to professional development seminars, the advantages of these memberships are invaluable. Toastmasters is another entity considered to be one of the best places to learn speaking and leadership skills. Joining it can help you gain competitive advantages in the workplace through building self-confidence and maximizing your potential.

These hobbies can make you a stronger and more versatile leader in construction management. Follow current construction trends, new technologies, and nurture future generations in their quest to learn and build. Volunteering and joining some service organizations can help you achieve your long-term professional goals.


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