COVID-19 is forcing many firms in the construction industry to become more agile. An agile mindset emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and adaptability. This mindset has helped construction firms to address the challenges of working remotely and enact the strategies they need to succeed during the ongoing pandemic. Here is how COVID-19 is helping firms become more agile now and into the future.

Rapid Change

Compared to other work methodologies, the agile framework handles change better. COVID-19 has causes rapid changes on a scale that most construction firms have never experienced before. The pandemic has forced us to make abrupt changes to work procedures and environments, while also affecting schedules, priorities, and more. Moreover, the situation is changing daily, so firms will need to evaluate the situation regularly and adopt to the changes as they come.

Fast Learning

With all the changes going on, firms have had to learn quickly. As firms adopt new approaches to communication and new work processes, they have to stop and reflect. Are the new approaches working? How can the new processes be improved? The agile mindset encourages level-headedness and objective evaluation. With so much change and unpredictability, professionals need to stay open-minded and learn as they go.


COVID-19 has forced everybody in the construction industry to become more agile in their decision-making habits. Leaders are often used to taking their time when making important decisions. They think about potential consequences and seek input from team members. Now, leaders have had to speed up decision-making processes so they can respond to the pandemic in a timely manner.


Schedules and priorities have all changed because of the pandemic. Construction employees might not have the ability to work the same schedule they typically would because they have to take care of children or other family members, for example. Firms have had to approach tasks with an agile mindset. They are prioritizing projects and focusing on the tasks that are most important. They are also setting time limits for tasks so that employees can optimize their time better. These are chaotic times, so organization and time management are particularly important right now.

COVID-19 has showcased the significance of agility in the workplace. The current health crisis has forced construction firms to become more agile by putting them in a situation where they need to be adaptable, flexible, organized, and capable of making quick and decisive decisions.


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