Every hiring manager wants to find the perfect addition to their team. In your effort to explore all your options, and ensure you and a candidate have adequate time to consider the match, you might find yourself four interviews in with no job offer. So how many interviews is too many? The answers to the questions below will help you to determine the right number for your job openings.

How Many Interviews Is Too Many?

There isn’t a magic number, but there should be a clear hiring process in place. Your time isn’t the only one that is valuable, but also your candidate’s. If they are employed, their time is even more of the essence, because they don’t want their current employer to suspect they are interviewing. Your hiring process for each job opening should be clear and should include a set number of interviews, how many candidates for each round, and the date you would like the position filled.

Are You Working With A Recruiter?

If you are working with a recruiter to fill your open positions, then you must be mindful of the prescreening and interview process your candidate has already completed. This could include an online prescreening test, phone interview, and reference checks. Take the time to educate yourself on these results, so when it comes time to interview in-person, you aren’t starting from scratch. Your candidate should walk in the door feeling like you are well-versed in what they have to offer.

What Kind Of Position Are You Staffing?

Before you can determine how many interviews are too many, you must consider the position you are staffing. Your standard hiring process may include a pre-screening test, phone interview, and live interview. However, you may require a second round of live interviews for your mid-level management, and a third round for executive positions. The more interviews you schedule, the more mindful you need to be of your prospective employee’s time commitment. If they are employed elsewhere, be open to interviewing before or after hours, possibly on the weekend.

How Many People Does Your Candidate Need To Interview With?

Sometimes, the first phone or live interview is with the HR team and the next round with their direct manager, executive, or members of their would-be team. While you may be eager and excited to encourage a team approach to hiring, it should not be at the expense of endless interviews. It’s challenging to schedule everyone you want them to meet at the same time, but too many interviews and your candidate may lose interest.

Determining how many interviews is too many isn’t cut and dry, but requesting a fourth in-person interview is typically when a candidate questions if you are a good match for them. By interview two or three, they have decided whether they want to work for you, and your delay may make them question how serious you are about them.

Working With An Industry Recruiter Can Shorten The Hiring Process

Most HR teams find that working with an industry recruiter does more than pre-qualify candidates, but ensures they only invest time in candidates who will add true value. This can shorten the hiring and onboarding process, including the number of interviews.

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