It seems like the pressure to accomplish more in the same amount of time grows with every new year. Often this can lead to feeling frazzled or overwhelmed which can distract you from achieving your goals. Let’s take a look at some solutions that can help you become more productive in 2021.

Promote Positive Daily Habits

With the many challenges you face in the construction industry right now, you need positive energy in your life now more than ever. One way to do that is through creating positive daily habits that you can build on over time. Mindfulness meditation is one effective way to manage the stress of everyday life. Apps like Cloud and Headspace can help you manage stress and overwhelm by providing easy to follow short guided meditations that you can do each day. Getting regular exercise will also increase your ability to focus on complex tasks, so make it a regular priority. Whether you go for a jog or lift some free weights, getting regular exercise in 2021 will keep you on track toward being more productive overall.

Improve Your Workspace

Whether you are working part of the time from home or working full time in an office, it’s a good idea to invest in workspace to increase productivity. The following are some tips for making your office more conducive to accomplishing your goals without distraction.

  • Convertible or standing desks – A standing desk can keep you focused and energized. They also give you the chance to move more during the day.
  • An ergonomic desk chair – Ensures proper lumbar support so you don’t get tired as easily working at your desk.
  • Circadian lighting – The more natural sunlight that is allowed to enter an office the better for energy regulation. You can use daylight bulbs in your light fixtures and set your desk up near a window for natural light.

Meetings and Collaboration

Making the most of your meetings and collaboration with your team is one area where you can maximize productivity and really move the needle. One effective model project managers use for their teams is the daily huddle. This helps ensure that any issues your team members have are addressed promptly. What makes daily huddles so effective is that they are focused, short, and to the point. They work great via Zoom or other online meeting platforms.

You can also make the most of technology by using specified communication channels for urgent and non-urgent issues. For instance, complex, urgent issues might be handled in person, by phone, or video chat. Other less urgent issues could be addressed using an app like Slack.

For construction professionals to stay productive in 2021, it’s important to create positive daily habits that keep you in top form, both mentally and physically. It’s also important to create and maintain a workspace that is conducive to accomplishing your goals. And lastly, make the most of the tools you have to collaborate with your team and stay in touch on important issues whether you working remotely or from the office.


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