The quest for good construction leadership can seem overwhelming, but learning how to conduct an interview for a C-suite executive can make the process easier. Construction recruiting firms will want to keep the following tips and questions in mind while planning and conducting C-level interviews.

Review the Candidate’s CV and References Before the Interview

 Before even starting the interview, take the time to review the applicant’s CV or resume as well as their experience and references. This will allow you to ask questions about specific things they mention on the resume.

It will also show the candidate that you care about the role and who you choose to fill it. This reflects well on the company.

Know What Questions to Ask During the Executive Interview

 The most important part of any executive interview is asking the applicant questions and evaluating the responses. Savvy construction recruiters know the ideal questions to ask C-level candidates to determine if they are right for the role.

Consider asking the construction leadership candidate the following questions:

  • Why do you like our company?
  • What is our company doing well? What areas could our company improve in?
  • What would your goals be if you get the job? (Both for the company and as an individual)
  • Why are you a good fit for the role?
  • What is your management style?
  • How do you evaluate employee performance?
  • What is the biggest challenge with management? How do you overcome it?
  • Describe a productive change you have made in a previous role
  • Describe how you increased revenue for a past company
  • Describe your experience that is relevant to the role
  • Describe how you handled an obstacle or unforeseen challenge
  • How do you handle unmotivated or unproductive employees?

Ask for Specific Examples

 During the interview, you will ask about both hypotheticals and situations the candidate experienced. While both are important, their experience is the most important. It shows how they will handle a challenge in real life instead of how they hope to do so.

Asking for specific examples also lets you confirm that the candidate has sufficient experience, and the right experience, for the executive role you need to fill.

Encourage Questions From the Candidate During the Executive Interview

Allot time during the interview for the candidate to ask you questions about the company or role. This gives you an opportunity to confirm that they are familiar with your company. That is crucial as your construction executive search must yield a good fit.

It also lets the candidate confirm that they want to work for your construction company. Remember that having a passionate executive will make a significant difference in your company’s future success.

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