Creating a positive culture is important, especially if you want to attract better candidates for construction careers. Most job seekers vet companies before applying by researching where they stand in the industry. Recruiters stress that you only get one chance to make the right impression on candidates, so make sure that your hiring process is authentic, transparent, and honestly reflects your culture with these tips.

Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Traditional interview questions work great for learning about a candidate’s abilities, experience, etc., but they fall short when it comes to learning more about their personal values and soft skills. Hiring managers can really get to know candidates by building emotional connections and treating them like real people instead of resources. Keep candidates updated during the decision-making process and always gather feedback to discover any areas that need improvement.

Share Your Corporate Vision

A positive work culture stems from creating clear organizational core values. But you also want to differentiate yourself from the competition with a powerful vision statement. The best statements are future-oriented, inspiring, clear, and challenging. Then, you can start lining up open positions with your vision.

Value Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever in the workplace. Focus on communicating that you are open to change to potential employees on your social media, recruiting pages, and job advertisements. Other employees may want to confirm that you have diverse leaders in place before accepting an offer. But many supervisors are programmed to promote candidates that look, think and act like they do. Training is an effective way to ensure that high-potential employees aren’t held back because of any potential bias.

Support Every Team Member

Your team plays a vital role in the hiring process. Especially the administrative assist, office manager, or receptionist since this is usually the first person that candidates meet. As the face of your firm, the receptionist creates an impression on potential candidates. If the receptionist doesn’t exude confidence and comfort, then candidates may question your culture.

Remember, candidates are judging you on several different levels ranging from what current and former employees are sharing on social media to how happy your receptionist is. To build a strong culture and attract great talent, it’s important for companies to continue taking steps to remove bias during the hiring process to promote diversity and inclusion. Always create a positive candidate experience by being prompt, respectful, and reliable.





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