There are plenty of opportunities to move up in the construction industry. But the exact path that you take will depend on various factors, including what company you work for. Some construction companies have detailed training programs and career paths. Others will just promote based on availability.

As such, you need to work at the right company – or keep your eyes out for job openings at one that will let you advance. But there are also some other important things you should do if you want to move up in the construction industry.

Always Expand Your Skills to Move Up in the Construction Industry 

One of the most important things you can do to help your construction career advance is to expand your skills. Leaders need to be able to handle various projects. As such, the best chance of promotion comes from getting a variety of projects under your belt.

The following are some specific ways that you can expand your skills to boost your construction career:

  • Find a mentor
  • Find something you’re good at and get even better, so you become irreplaceable
  • Discover your weaknesses and find ways to improve
  • Focus on both construction skills and customer service skills

Expand Your Client Network 

As with any other industry, some of your ability to advance in construction comes from networking and connections. Social interactions are a part of construction careers as you advance.

After all, you need to be able to bring in new clients, and you need to keep your clients happy.

Always Make Safety a Priority 

To move up in the construction industry, you have to always make safety a priority. No construction company will want a reckless leader. That could put them at risk of lawsuits and a damaged reputation.

Instead, they look for construction workers and leaders who put safety first. Follow the safety standards and encourage your team to do the same.

Deliver Quality Results 

Safety isn’t the only area you should never compromise on if you want to move up in the construction industry. You also never want to sacrifice quality, even if it takes a little longer. Never cut corners or skip important steps.

Low-quality work will hurt your reputation and your career. However, while you want to deliver high-quality work, you also want to make sure to stay on budget and complete projects on time. Careful planning makes this possible.


By expanding your skills, creating connections, and delivering high-quality work, you can set yourself up for promotions. Of course, you will also need to talk to your leadership team so they know you are interested. If a position becomes available, go for it. Talk to recruiters about opportunities at other companies if there aren’t any at yours.

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