Whether you’re a client in the construction industry, or a candidate searching for jobs, partnering with a construction recruiter definitely has many advantages. But, working with a bad recruiter is probably worse than having no recruiter on your side at all. That’s why it’s wise for candidates and clients to properly screen their recruiters before choosing to partner with them. If you ask the right questions, it will be easier to distinguish inexperienced recruiters from the most successful ones.

For Clients

The Recruiter Doesn’t Understand What You’re Looking For

One clue about the expertise of your recruiter is their understanding of exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. You may think they know what you are looking for, only to find that they’re sending you candidates based on certain keywords that aren’t truly what you need. Some recruiters rely too much on resumes that happen to contain some of the keywords related to the open position. This often leads to candidate leads that aren’t the right match to the job opening, like sending you candidates with the word “estimator” in it many times, but it’s in estimating HVAC ductwork, when you’re looking for a commercial construction estimator.

The Recruiter Doesn’t Understand Your Industry

Hiring managers also need to be on the lookout for recruiters that don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the industry. If you indicate that you’re looking for a project manager that’s going to head up a 100 million-dollar project, and they’re sending candidates that list similar projects, but they weren’t the one in charge, then they weren’t the leader. Hiring managers are also encouraged to work exclusively with one recruiter. Hiring multiple recruiters often results in rewarding those who send candidates the fastest, regardless if they are vetted properly or at all.

For Candidates

The Recruiter Lacks Confidentiality

From a candidate’s perspective, a recruiter that gets your name and blasts it across the industry without your permission is a big red flag. It’s a blatant lack of confidentiality that puts candidates at a disadvantage. Some recruiters receive a job order and they want to get candidates to be the first one to stamp it, so they forward all the candidates they know without even talking to them. This locks out other recruiters who are legitimately working with that candidate who has already vetted them. This hurry-up mentality is just another sign of a bad recruiter that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. An effective way for candidates to fight back against this unacceptable recruiting practice is to only share their resumes with a single, trusted recruiter. Then, establish a commitment that they won’t send your resume to anyone without your express permission.

The Recruiter Tried to Sell You Positions Before They Know Anything About You

Finally, you should avoid any recruiter that sell you positions before they even know what you’re looking for. If they’re not asking you questions about your dreams and goals, then they’re just trying to sell you on a particular position before another recruiter fills it. A good recruiter is never trying to sell you on a position. There are a lot of good companies and good positions out there making it possible to match up to the one that’s the right fit for both sides. A good recruiter understands that the company and the candidate, have to want each other more than the recruiter wants the deal. It’s their life and career!

Clients and candidates who pay attention to these cues are much more likely to establish a successful partnership with a recruiter.


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