If you have been working hard to get a new job in the construction field and getting passed over, it may be time to evaluate your resume. A good resume is your first shot at getting your foot through the door. Here are some pointers to honing your resume writing skills and highlighting your talents.

What Your Construction Resume Should Include

Everyone wants their resume to stand out and get noticed. The best way to ensure your resume gets more than passing attention is to include all the specific details a potential employer will need to call you in for an interview and hire you for the job.

Specific Skills

When creating your resume, be specific in the details you provide. Use clear examples and hard data to show your potential employer what you can do. For instance, Don’t be vague and state scheduling as a skill.

Instead, state that you have a project delivery rate of 90 percent. Use language to convey exactly where you excel. Instead of improving safety, state how your digital reporting was 60 percent more effective, creating more useable data.

When you include your specific skill set on your resume, you allow for a better match with your future team’s needs.

Design Planning

A fundamental skill of construction is reading and acting on blueprints. Blueprints include critical details about dimensions and specs as well as instructions on material and installation techniques. To make sure your resume is well-rounded, be sure to illustrate your blueprint reading capabilities.

Awareness of Regulations

Your construction resume should include details showing you understand:

This knowledge is something all employers will be looking for. Showing you not only understand the rules but have a willingness to follow them and continue learning will help your resume stand out in a crowd.

If you have specific skill sets or training in regulation and compliance, highlight this detail. If you were previously a member of a safety task force or committee, mention this.

Administration and Management

Your construction resume should include what skills you have in administration or management. Not all teams will be looking for management, but if you have this experience, it can open doors for promotions and career advancement.

Unique Skills

Any learning in software, management, team leading, or other skills should also be highlighted. In addition to the skill sets to include in your resume, you will want to ensure that you have a clearly printed, clean copy of your resume at your interview.


With a well-organized resume, you will stand out from other candidates for construction roles. Combine that with the need companies have for qualified people, and you should be on your way to landing a great job in construction.

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