Everyone has at least one interview at some point in their life, and when your turn comes, following up with the interviewer afterward is crucial. Generally, there are three times you can send an email their way. One follow-up email, one check-in email, and then another to keep in touch.

Why Should Construction Candidates Follow Up?

Staying in communication during the hiring process shows that you have enthusiasm and gratitude for being considered for the position. This can increase the likelihood of you getting the job.

Creating a well-crafted follow-up email shows your communication skills. This is important, as soft skills like active listening, respectfulness, and communication are all very much sought after. You will be more memorable as well simply because you took the time to follow up.

How to Write a Follow-up Email

Construction candidates want to start by thanking the interviewer for taking the time to speak with them. Highlight skills you have that fit the role. Refer to your interview notes to choose takeaways and conversation pieces that will touch home with the reader. Show your excitement for the job by stating your conviction that you are the right fit.

With the follow-up email, consider the following:

  • Show gratitude at the very start, as well as mention the position. Express interest in the company and job.
  • Talk about yourself and express your goals and interests as well as your experience.
  • In this next paragraph, mention the company name and discuss something interesting from the interview and the person who conducted it. Get specific while being concise.
  • Your final paragraph should have something that sets you apart from others interviewing for the position. Let them know they can ask more questions and reinforce that you are looking forward to speaking with them, then end with a professional closing with contact details.

Checking-in Email

In case you haven’t heard back from a potential employer after the interview and your follow-up, a “check-in” email can be sent. If you haven’t heard back in two weeks, now is the time to send this email.

Tips for the check-in email:

  • Don’t be overly excited but show your interest in more information.
  • Put the job title in the subject line.
  • Send it to the recruiter. They are more likely to know what’s going on.
  • Just one paragraph indicating interest is all you should send. Politely ask for an update and offer any details they may need. Be sure to thank them.

Keep-in-touch Email

For those who still haven’t heard back from potential employers, you may want to keep in touch with the hiring manager. This email is for establishing potential networking relationships.

In this case, keep it short and sweet. Consider the following:

  • Send it to the hiring manager. They tend to have seniority and may become a potential mentor.
  • At the start, mention what you noticed about them that was motivating or of note.
  • Keep it under two paragraphs and suggest a time for a coffee or phone call.

Next time you come home after an interview, don’t forget to send one or more of these follow-up emails to increase your chances with the company.

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