The recruiting profession has evolved to include the frequent use of social media, and even though some of the more traditional recruiters might not like to admit it, they can provide some benefits. These digital tools can provide more diverse and inclusive workforces, accelerated hiring processes and promoting more enjoyable candidate experiences. Yet, the most effective approach to construction recruiting doesn’t rely on technology. It’s important to remember value of human interaction. Here are some of the issues that tech is bringing to the surface in the realm of recruiting.

Easy Access to Unemployed Candidates

Tech is making it easier to find candidates. You know where they are and what they’re doing by viewing their social networking accounts. There’s much more access to them. Yet, you can find pretty quickly that tech is providing quantity over quality. Most often you’re only accessing candidates who are unemployed or miserable and looking for a new job. You’re not going after the best TALENT. You’re going after someone who’s looking for a job. This approach only allows you to reach a fraction of one percent of the population who are even qualified for the job. If you want to avoid sorting through piles of spam resumes, then you’ll need to stop the shotgun approach of reaching out to everyone who has a computer. It’s more effective to use a laser-focused approach to accessing the best talent possible – those who are employed and happily succeeding at what they do.

A Human Touch

The problem with technology is that it gives the impression talent is a commodity. Instead you should be thinking of what your organization has to offer a construction professional. Once you have a clear offering, the goal is to narrow down and focus on the talented individuals who have the experience and the best skills for the role. Sourcing the most qualified candidates takes a human touch. Market master recruiters will reach out to each one of them who has the skills necessary; then give them a clear presentation and answer any of their questions. It takes human interaction to feel out the response and get to know the candidate’s motivators.

Referring Exact Talent

Companies who work with a recruiter are evolving and getting better. With a market master recruiter, they can work together to target specific individuals and companies to get the exact talent they want, rather than weeding through all of the junk received from job boards. Companies who make hiring a priority are serious about finding quality talent using a laser-focused approach.

Vetting a Search Firm

Vet and choose a search firm who understands your industry, marketplace, and your company culture. The recruiter you choose should have empathy and be able to put themselves in the candidate’s shoes to understand what motivates them.

The objective should be to understand the candidate and not just sell them an opportunity. A market master recruiter will ask probing questions. When I ask them this: “Changing jobs is hard? Why would you want to do this?” It gets them to open up and talk about their goals and desires. We ask them the questions and let them TELL us what they want. This is how you land great talent. Technology can’t give you that.

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