Construction superintendents are on the job site day in and day out. They’ve got strong leadership skills and manage numerous subs. Knowing the ins and outs of the project is their strong suit. Yet after doing this for a long time, some superintendents may decide they want a change of pace. If that’s the case, what position in the industry might be a good fit for them?

Project Manager

This role manages the business aspect of the construction job. This position is not on-site every day; it’s much more focused in an office setting. The project manager deals with owners and managers. They deal with the big picture management, not the day-to-day management of the site. While a move into this role may not mean a big increase in income, it would certainly be a change of pace that would appeal to many. This position could open you to a new career track with the potential for advancement. You could work with municipalities, work on several projects at a time, and work with project owners. This could put you on track to potentially become:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • VP of Operations
  • Executive VP
  • President


A superintendent can also move into the role of estimator. They would be especially suited to become an estimator in the design-bid-build model (a “conceptual” estimator). Superintendents already understand the building project conceptually as they have been so closely involved in that aspect. This role would be a change of pace for a superintendent since it is also an office-based position. An estimator is detail-oriented and has the personality for collaborating in a team environment. They develop the scope of the project and help value engineer them from the start. They work with architects and building owners in this important role.

Becoming a traditional hard-bid estimator or cost estimator would also be an option. This type of estimator is a bit more like an accountant, and is very detail-oriented. They also need strong construction leadership skills as they negotiate with subs to get the lowest price. Every project goes through the estimator who commands respect and maintains credibility. A position as a construction estimator can potentially lead to the following positions:

  • Senior Estimator
  • Chief of Estimating
  • VP of Estimating


A role in pre-construction services could also be a good place for a superintendent to transition into. Pre-construction is involved in the creation process that begins before there are even drawings made. They are able to articulate ideas that owners and architects can understand. They participate in evaluation studies, design decisions, and analysis. Their contribution often leads to cost-savings on the project as they help value-engineer the job from the beginning.

These are just a few of the options for construction professionals who may be looking for a change of pace after working as a superintendent. These positions have opportunities for growth and are valued within the company. Moving into one of these roles could open you to new challenges and rewarding experiences in commercial construction.

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