The mission and values of your construction company should be more than just lip service. You have to back what you say with action or you essentially have an organization with no cohesion. For your construction firm to lead in the industry and be a company that candidates flock to, your words and your practices need to align. Here’s why maintaining mission and values should be a top priority.

Leaders Set the Tone for The Organization

As a leader, your actions set the tone for the organization, so be sure they consistently reflect the values and mission of the firm. Demonstrate your company’s values for everyone else and get them excited about walking the talk. It is all about consistency. If you behave in a way that lines up with the values you want to promote, you will be able to get the whole team on board.

Communicate Your Values to the Team and the World

You don’t want anyone to have confusion about what you stand for. Your mission and values should be the same across all of your communication channels, from your website to your job descriptions and your advertisements. By communicating your mission and values and proving to people you can live up to your promises, you will build a reputation of trust and respect.

Values Are the Foundation of Your Brand

It is critical to remember the role your values play in your company’s brand. Customers and job hunters don’t just choose random construction companies or make decisions solely on performance. They look at your values and vision to see if they match their own. They look at your brand. As soon as your practices stop matching your values, your brand suffers. No one wants to do business with an organization they view as insincere or dishonest. They want to work with (and for) a company with solid convictions.

A Solid Brand Improves Talent Retention

You won’t attract and retain top talent in a labor shortage if your mission and values are just lip service. What you say and write sets expectations for candidates. If you claim to value safety, for example, and new hires come to see your safety practices aren’t up to par, they probably won’t stay long. If new hires consistently find your values and practices don’t align, no one is going to want to work for you, and you will find it hard to acquire the talent you need to succeed.

Succeeding as a leader in the construction field requires authenticity and consistency. It is easy to come up with a mission statement or a set of values. What matters is that your actions and practices match what you say. You want to establish an identity as a company built on trust and conviction.


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