In fostering a healthy virtual culture, it is important to emphasize diversity and inclusion. Studies have shown that construction companies that have inclusive work cultures experience many benefits, including higher employee engagement, higher retention rates, and improved efficiency. These tips will help you make inclusion a priority in the virtual environment.

Build the Culture around Collaboration

A virtual environment that emphasizes collaboration will help you move from having a diverse culture to having an inclusive culture. When work culture is built around collaboration and all employees are encouraged to share their opinions and participate equally, employees of all backgrounds and skill levels will feel included. Team building activities designed to help team members learn more about each other are important because they foster a sense of community and allow your employees to work more effectively in a team setting.

Communicate with Sensitivity

Sensitive and frequent communication is essential in any workplace, but it is vital in a remote environment because you will typically have fewer interactions with your employees. You want to take every opportunity you can to connect with your team and foster a sense of belonging. To accomplish this, opt for face-to-face meetings over email when possible and repeatedly tell your team members that you appreciate it when they share their thoughts. When employees do share their opinions, it is important to listen carefully and react to them in a respectful manner.

Ask for Feedback

Creating an inclusive culture isn’t an easy process, and there will likely be obstacles and mishaps along the way. It can also be challenging to measure the effectiveness of inclusivity efforts. For these reasons, it is necessary to receive feedback from your team. For example, you want to ask each team member what they need to be successful in their job and what steps you can take to make them feel more included. It is powerful to hear every employee’s perspective about the work culture because it may differ depending on their gender, race, ethnicity, age, etc. You want to make sure everyone feels supported and valued, regardless of their background.

Even after the pandemic is over, remote workers will remain a crucial part of the construction workforce. As companies start to pay more attention to virtual work culture, it is critical to make inclusion a priority. Construction firms can foster inclusion in the remote workplace by emphasizing collaboration and teamwork, communicating with sensitivity, and seeking out employee feedback.

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