With Memorial Day approaching, it’s a good time to acknowledge the important role veterans play in the construction industry. Vets are often great candidates for the construction industry. Many of the skills learned in the military transfer to construction, such as teamwork skills and attention to detail. With the right opportunity, military vets can excel in a construction career, perhaps more than any other group. Here are some of the best reasons vets make great candidates for the construction field.

Structured Environments

Military vets are used to working in a highly structured environment. This helps them meet deadlines and budget requirements. They also tend to be punctual and reliable. Despite being used to structure, most veterans are used to dealing with unexpected changes and can still be flexible and resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Open to Direction

Veterans are great at taking guidance and following directions. This makes them some of the easiest professionals to train. In the construction industry, there are often new technology and procedures introduced. Vets will be able to learn these new technologies faster than most. They also tend to thrive on challenge. They want to test themselves and improve their skills.

Excel at Teamwork

Vets are used to working in teams and collaborating with others. The military is mission-oriented. When working construction, they understand that their mission is to complete the project on time and on budget, and they understand that the best way to accomplish this is to work together. They also know the importance of supporting and building up their team members. The success of a construction project relies on collaboration, coordination, and cooperation.

Attention to Detail

Most veterans have excellent attention to detail. They care about quality and will take the time to make sure the work is done right. They understand that what makes a construction project successful are the small details. In the military, one missed detail can cause a whole mission to fail, so vets have to be meticulous.

Safety Conscious

Vets have a lot of experience working in hazardous environments. They value safety and will pay close attention to make sure they’re adhering to safety regulations. There are many hazards in construction so you want someone who is safety-minded. They often have excellent focus, as well, which also improves workplace safety. Vets are less likely to make mistakes that put themselves and their team members in danger.

The construction industry needs skilled talent. Appealing to military vets is a great way to start closing the skill gap. By highlighting training and connecting with a recruiter that works with military veterans, you can improve your chances of attracting vets to your company or construction firm.

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