Construction careers span a much wider range than many people initially realize. Whether you want to enter the field to take advantage of the labor shortage or are a construction recruiter, you need a good understanding of what project field engineers do.

Project Field Engineer Role and Responsibilities

Field engineers need a deep technological understanding, at least related to the technology that their company uses. They are responsible for maintaining, installing, repairing, and replacing machines.

It is common for field engineers to travel a lot for work. Project field engineers can also handle specific projects, but this is typically only necessary for larger assignments.

In addition to generally caring for the technology used in construction, project field engineers also modify it when necessary. They have to figure out which changes will maximize safety and efficiency. Some field engineers also offer technical support for maintenance, installation, and design, and even evaluate projects.

Field engineers can work in a range of fields, including construction. There are some projects field engineers may opt to specialize in. Some might focus on municipal planning, geomatics, surveying, structural inspection, or foundation analysis.

Project field engineers work with people in different construction careers, including those with construction leadership roles. They are part of the research and planning phase of a construction project, helping determine requirements. They also help develop the procedures and specifications for construction.

Throughout the project, this role also helps ensure that the project complies with guidelines and regulations, including building codes.

Project field engineers are also responsible for monitoring the quality of the soil, water, and air on-site. If necessary, they have to organize the cleanup of a contaminated site.

Keep in mind that many of the more technical responsibilities require degrees and/or certifications.

Project Field Engineer Salary

The average construction salary for a project field engineer will depend on the education and certifications of the engineer. The experience level also plays a role. It will also depend on the type of project, company, and project location.

That said, most project field engineers earn between $50,500 and $89,000 per year. The average construction salary for this role is about $62,000 to $72,000.

As with all other roles in construction recruiting, the salary will also depend on where you live. Cities with the highest pay for field engineers include Houston, Chicago, New York, Midland, and San Antonio.

When looking at the construction salary trends for project field engineers, benefits are also important. Some of the common benefits include health insurance, disability insurance, 401(k)s, employee assistance programs, and employee stock ownership plans.

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