It can be intimidating to give notice that you are resigning from your job. This is especially true in the construction industry, where there is a labor shortage. But you should be able to resign without worries – and without ruining your reputation in the industry.

The following resignation tips for construction employees apply regardless of the situation. Maybe you found a better offer. Perhaps you are moving. Maybe you want a change of pace. No matter the reason, keep the following tips in mind.

Look at Your Original Contract

Before officially resigning from your construction job, take the time to pull out your original contract and look at it. The contract will outline how much notice you are expected to give. It will also mention anything relevant, such as when you can expect your last paycheck.

Talk to Your Boss and Provide Written Notice

It’s standard practice to provide written notice when quitting your construction job. But it is not necessarily good manners to give the notice to your boss. Instead, talk to them first.

This is as simple as organizing a meeting with your boss or direct supervisor. Choose a quiet place. Let them know that you are resigning. You don’t need to answer their questions unless you want to, but they may ask why you are leaving or about a new job offer you have.

Then, after the meeting, provide written notice. You can print this out and bring it to the meeting you have with your supervisor. That way, you accomplish both tasks at once.

An alternative to printing your written notice is to send it over email. The email can be a good follow-up to your conversation with your boss. This also has the benefit of proving that you sent it and when. Another bonus of an email is that you can cc HR.

Finish Your Notice Period

Most of the resignation tips for construction employees focus on maintaining a good relationship with your old employer. After all, you never know when you will need them for a reference. Or if you may want to reapply and come back to the company.

One of the most important tips for this good relationship is to finish out your notice period. Follow whatever you said in your conversation with your boss and your written resignation. On top of that, don’t slack off during your notice period. Work as hard as you normally would.

Resignation Tips for Construction Employees: What Not to Do

While most of the above tips focus on what you should do when resigning from your construction company, there are also some things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Tell Coworkers First

Your boss should be the first one at your job to know that you are resigning. Telling coworkers first is highly unprofessional.

Don’t Bad Mouth the Company

The other big thing not to do is badmouth the company. When you are leaving, you may feel as if you can let all of your complaints out. Or coworkers may feel like they can complain to you. But you want to keep that good relationship with the construction company, so resist the urge.


These resignation tips for construction employees help ensure that you don’t fracture your relationship with your old employer. This helps you maintain a good reputation in the industry and lets you use them as a reference in the future. It also leaves the door open for you to return to that company.

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