There is little doubt that construction can create the ideal situation for accidents. With the current skilled labor crisis, many construction workers are looking for new employment opportunities. This brings them to ask, “How safe is the workplace of the company I am applying for, and how do I measure this?” Here are a few things to consider when on your construction career search. Construction firms can also use these safety guidelines to ensure they are protecting their workers and bottom line.

Clear Policy Signage and Documentation Promote Safe Construction Firms

Having policies written down and easy to read correlates with better communication, which is essential to job safety. The safest construction firms aim to have clear documentation, solid practices, and good communication to improve safety. They use easy-to-read signage and stay up-to-date on safety and regulation. These practices also help promote a reduced risk of accidents and hazards on the job. In addition, accessibility to information allows for better construction leadership, keeping everyone on the site safer. 

Continued Training Promotes Safety

The safest construction firms have another thing in common; they invest in continued training. The best companies update their safety procedures and provide complete instruction on new equipment and processes. They are also always available to answer safety questions. These companies have construction leaders that expect everyone to keep training as part of their development as employees. They are transparent about safety, including what they practice, and they have it in writing.

If the company you are looking to work for does not have these practices in place, it is better to move on to the next. Remember that the best construction contractors will hire intelligent people and then provide additional training to put their strengths to good use.

Premium Gear and Equipment at the Safest Construction Firms

Accidents on the job site are more likely to happen when an employee uses an outdated practice or a damaged tool. While not exactly a policy, the safest construction firms update their equipment and tools regularly. They have vehicles they use routinely serviced, follow the machine’s maintenance schedule, and replace equipment in poor condition. They keep personal protective equipment available on every job site. They also make sure the right PPE is available for individuals. Gear is often designed to fit larger men, so women regularly suffer from poor fitting PPE. Safe companies make sure everybody is protected with the latest standards.

Frequent Meetings About Safety Guidelines

A good construction leader will gather everyone for a toolbox talk at the beginning of the shift. It is the time to discuss what the job needs and how to keep safe. Some companies do this at lunch as well to maintain a clear vision. They also make sure their new hires have plenty of training before hitting the job. As a bonus, these meetings also help maintain a positive work environment, a key to successful companies.

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