During an interview, you need to present yourself as desirable. If it’s a great opportunity or not, it won’t matter if they don’t want to see you again. At the same time, you need to determine if the role is better than your current role and if the construction firm is a place you can see yourself having a fulfilling career. Follow these additional steps to the best interview possible.

Probing Questions Set You Apart

When you ask thoughtful questions, you set yourself apart from most other candidates.
Why is that? Because two of the most important areas hiring managers are evaluating when interviewing candidates are: will this candidate be here for the long haul (vs a flight risk) and is this candidate promotable. Bottom line, as you’re asking the most important questions that you need to determine the validity of the opportunity, you’re actually selling yourself on why a construction firm needs to hire you. It’s very important as you ask your questions to remember to stay humble. You want to come across as confident in your abilities without in any way being arrogant. Don’t ask anything related to benefits. Save those questions for the other candidates who are interviewing for the same job you are. While they’re focusing on why much vacation and PTO is the company offing your, focusing your questions on the company the position, if it’s the right opportunity for you and how, if hired you’d be one of their top performers.

The Money Talk

If they bring up money, never talk about what you want to make. The chance of getting it right is slim. And you don’t want leave money on the table or cost yourself a shot at the job by going too high (and not considering the full benefits package). If they ask, find a safe way to answer the question. For example, “This is where I’m at today (xxx,xxx with automobile, 10% bonus, 90% insurance) and even though money’s important, it’s really not the MOST important. My goal is to find a good company with room for advancement if I do a good job and where I can stay a long time. And if I’m the right fit, I’m sure you’ll make a fair offer.”

Address Any Concerns

Find out if they have any concerns. It’s hard to resolve a concern if you don’t know what they are. Once you know what they are, you can resolve those concerns. Their concern may be valid or not. Sometimes, it’s just a matter that you weren’t clear enough about something, and you can elaborate. Or if they have a valid concern about some of your skills you could say something like: “I have no doubt I’ll be successful. I don’t want to take a job where I’m going to fail.” Then, think on your feet and give an example of something similar that you succeeded at in your past. You want to show them you are a quick study and are confident you can succeed in the position. You want to clear up any doubts they have about you.

Closing the Deal

End by asking this final question: “Based on the conversation, how do you see me fitting in to your organization?” Then, let them answer. At the end, make sure you express your desire to work at the organization and express gratitude for the opportunity to interview. You want to end on a high note.

When interviewing, it can be challenging to set yourself apart from other candidates. If you show the hiring manager that you have the experience and temperament to excel in the role, ask thoughtful questions, and create positive chemistry, you will increase your chances of getting a great offer.


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