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Why Job Boards Aren’t Getting it Done for Most Construction Companies

Construction companies face unique challenges when it comes to recruiting talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median age for construction workers is about 42 years old. As the pool of candidates becomes much smaller to choose from, a creating and effective recruiting strategy becomes all the more important. While [...]

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Why Top Construction Companies Are Missing Out on the Best Talent

With the current talent shortage in construction, companies want to do their best to attract top candidates. But many construction companies are missing out because of seemingly small mistakes. Take a closer look at common mistakes in the hiring process. Then confirm that your company doesn’t make these errors and find yourself [...]

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How to Leverage a Construction Recruiter to Find Your Best Job

It is human nature to be skeptical when someone approaches you. This is especially true with something crucial like your job. But learning to leverage a construction recruiter can make your job hunt much easier. It can also help you find a job that better fits your goals. When you work with [...]

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Construction Recruiters Help Connect Top Talent As Industry Growth Continues

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage. This global issue makes it hard for construction firms to attract talent. On top of that, construction companies struggle to retain the talent they already have. With the Great Resignation underway, this second point is even more important. As a result, construction companies need [...]

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How Much Time Will You Save by Using a Construction Search Firm?

The hiring process can take significant time and energy away from the other tasks related to running a construction firm. You have to create the job listing, then screen and interview candidates. Then, you have to negotiate and hire them. Every second you spend doing those things takes away time that you [...]

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Retention in Construction Begins with Recruiting

Every business must deal with hiring new help, but the construction industry has a more difficult time than others in retaining new hires. There are many factors that play into this, such as generational tendencies, the ability to be flexible, and so much more. Consider some of the following ways you can [...]

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Can the Construction Industry Attract Gen Z Workers?

Before you can attract Gen Z workers, you are going to need to know the difference between millennials and Generation Z workers.  Understand Gen Z The first thing you need to do is understand what is different between Gen Z workers and millennials. Understanding that millennials grew up with Boomers for parents [...]

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Construction Recruitment Strategies Every Construction Company Should Know

While most construction companies focus on building a brand to attract clients, you also want to make your brand attract employees. After all, you need to give potential employees a reason to choose your company instead of other opportunities. Before the pandemic, there was already a skilled labor crisis, making it hard [...]

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Make Better and Smart Construction Hires Using These Tips

Good construction leadership always strives to have the best workers on their team. They leave the job of finding top talent to construction recruiters, so those recruiters need to figure out how to find candidates that are a good fit. This is especially challenging with the current skilled labor crisis during Covid-19. [...]

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Talent Acquisition Strategies to Save Your Company Money

Those in construction recruiting not only want to find great talent, but they also want to save money during the hiring process. This helps the company's bottom line and reflects well on their skills as construction recruiters. The following ideas can help save your company money while acquiring talent. Consider the Cost [...]

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