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Understanding Advancement Opportunities in the Construction Industry

Savvy job seekers in the construction industry will look for career advancement opportunities in their search for new roles. Meanwhile, smart construction companies will offer those opportunities. They know that this will attract top talent that is highly motivated. Explore some of those opportunities in construction. Apprenticeships Remain the Most Popular Advancement [...]

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Increase Inclusion to Attract New Workers

Those in the construction industry are always searching for ways to recruit new workers, especially with the recent labor shortage. One of the best ways to attract new talent is by increasing inclusion.   Explore the importance of inclusion in the workplace and what construction recruiters can do to increase it.   [...]

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Motivate Your Construction Team Using these Tips

Motivation is easily among the most significant factors encouraging productivity within the construction industry. Given that productivity is a vital part of a project’s success, this makes motivation crucial. While meeting project deadlines is measurable, you may struggle to motivate your construction team. With the right reason, however, you will help them [...]

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How to Spot Sales Superstars

Sales is an often overlooked aspect of construction. When looking for someone to join their sales team, construction recruiters need to know what to look for. The following are just some of the traits of sales superstars that you should be looking for. Sales Superstars Are Trainable Sales superstars will start with [...]

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Habits that Keep You from Being Your Best

Whether you are just starting a new construction career or aim to be good construction leadership, you always want to be your best. Doing your best can improve your job satisfaction. It can also increase your construction salary when your efforts get recognized. Unfortunately, you may have some bad habits that hold [...]

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Things to Do 24 Hours Before Your Interview

Even with the skilled labor crisis, construction recruiters will not automatically hire everyone who interviews. You still need to put in the effort and prepare for your interview. Supplement all of the other interview advice you have heard in the past with the following actions 24 hours before your interview. Get Your [...]

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KPIs Every Construction Manager Needs to Know

As a construction manager or anyone holding a construction leadership role, you need to know how to track the progress of projects. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the best way to measure this, as they can provide consistent and valuable insights. Discover the most important KPIs for construction managers to know. Safety [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: How New Regulations are Impacting the Industry

Mother nature isn’t the only thing with enough power to hold back progress in the construction industry. For better or for worse, permitting, and government regulations continue to expand across North America, often resulting in significant delays to some of the biggest building projects. The energy industry is just one of the [...]

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Construction Costs are Still Climbing

The construction industry has made a steady comeback after taking a hit during the recession. With the U.S. economy in recovery, the demand for new construction projects has increased and so has construction costs. Material costs and labor availability are the major factors driving up construction expenses. What Factors Impact Material Costs [...]

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4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Construction Job Search

Some candidates might send out hundreds of resumes when they are looking for a construction job and then not even get a single interview. If that’s the case, then it’s probably time to reevaluate your overall job search strategy. In spite of the fact that there’s a labor shortage, candidates still need [...]

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