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Why Are Candidates Still Taking Counteroffers?

Ask any experienced construction recruiter and they will tell you that accepting a counteroffer is a common mistake made by many candidates in the hiring process. They can be very tempting to consider. Although a typical counteroffer will probably include some sort of financial incentive; it's often little more than an employment [...]

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The Value of Trade Schools

Emphasizing the value of trade schools to current and future generations could very well be the key to solving the skilled labor shortage that is impacting the construction industry in America. Since a growing number of U.S. high schools are eliminating vocational training opportunities due to budget cuts, fewer students are gaining [...]

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7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Workplace and Maybe it’s Time to Leave

From the excellent pay and benefits to great job security, construction jobs can be very fulfilling for a number of legitimate reasons. But, similar to any other industry, construction careers can become hampered by a toxic workplaces too. If you are concerned that you might be in a toxic workplace, then there [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group – “The State of Construction Safety” Featured in Construction Today

By Brian Binke: February 6, 2018 Some construction employers prioritize productivity over safety. Although meeting deadlines is important in the construction industry, it should never come at the cost of a human life. Collapsing building materials, overhead power lines and heavy machinery are just a few of the potential dangers in commercial [...]

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Oil and Gas Construction: Interview Tips for Candidates

Candidates who are considering a career in the construction industry are likely privy to the ongoing labor crisis. Since construction professionals are in constant demand, creating a sharp resume should be the first step when searching for a construction job. A good resume provides potential candidates with an opportunity to make a [...]

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Rewards of Working in the Construction Field

There are a lot of positive benefits to working in the construction field. Many of the positions in demand pay very well and they can also be exciting and fulfilling. From helping to build infrastructure like the roads and bridges we all rely on, to constructing institutions of higher education, you can [...]

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Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction

Demand for some positions in commercial construction rise and fall. Others seem to always be in demand, no matter what the market is like. In this post, we will explore what's in demand now, and what skills, experience, and education you need to fill these high-demand roles. Estimators One position that's currently [...]

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9 Tips to Advance Your Career in the Construction Industry

Within the construction industry there are opportunities for you to advance your position and take on new and challenging roles. But how do you put your best foot forward and ensure that you're in a prime position to advance when the time is right? Here are nine tips to advance your career [...]

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