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How to Network With Other Concrete Construction Contractors

Networking with other concrete construction contractors is essential for growing your business or advancing in your career. The right networking techniques can easily lead to increases in your construction salaries. If you own a construction business, these benefits may extend to your team as well. The following tips will help you successfully [...]

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Mental Traps That Successful Construction Pros Rarely Fall For

Learning what mental traps people can fall for can be important for the hiring process. Familiarize yourself with these. That way, you will be able to recognize construction candidates who know how to look past them. Construction recruiters can also help with this, as they can know how to tell whether candidates [...]

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Keep Your Construction Team Motivated Using These Tips

Good construction leadership knows how to keep their team motivated. Leaders need to encourage their team to keep surpassing the minimum to deliver great results. Whether you already have established a construction career and want to improve your team’s motivation or are looking to enter construction leadership, always keep the following tips [...]

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Tips to Become a Better Construction Leader

Good construction leadership calls for improving and being the best one can be. Those who want to improve their construction careers will actively seek out ways to become better construction leaders. Whether you are already in a leadership role and want to improve yourself or aspire to become a leader in the [...]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Job Hunting in the Construction Industry

Even with the skilled labor crisis, those searching for construction careers have to put their best foot forward if they want to land a job. Whether you want construction estimator jobs, construction leadership roles, or other positions, there are some mistakes you should avoid.   Avoid Not Using Technology During Your Job [...]

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Hire Better With Evidence-based Strategies

Anyone responsible for construction recruiting knows that it is challenging to find the right talent, especially during a labor crisis. You want to hire candidates who are serious about construction careers and have the necessary skills to do their job. Relying on evidence-based strategies is a great method to improve your hiring, [...]

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KPIs Every Construction Manager Needs to Know

As a construction manager or anyone holding a construction leadership role, you need to know how to track the progress of projects. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the best way to measure this, as they can provide consistent and valuable insights. Discover the most important KPIs for construction managers to know. Safety [...]

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How to Make Employee Empowerment Work

Part of construction recruiting is knowing how to empower your employees. Remember that having empowered employees will improve your company’s reputation. That, in turn, should encourage people to apply for a job. Employee empowerment is also an excellent way to find areas for improvement within your company, making it one of suitable [...]

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Now is the Time to Land a Great Opportunity in Construction

On the one hand, the construction industry is booming. On the other hand, the industry also faces a substantial labor shortage. This makes it the ideal time to find a great opportunity in construction. Whether you’re looking to enter the career for the first time, or your looking to advance your career, [...]

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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Construction Job Hunting

A construction recruiter can offer plenty of guidance on your job hunt. Yet, it’s just as important to know if and when you are receiving bad advice along the way. Here are some common mistakes to avoid during your construction job search: Blasting your construction resume all over. If you send out [...]

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