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Navigating the Flood: The Challenge of Sifting Through Construction Job Responses

The construction industry is currently navigating through an unprecedented paradox: despite an abundance of job postings, finding the right candidate has become akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. This scenario presents a unique challenge for employers who are keen to fill positions with qualified candidates but are faced with an overwhelming response to job postings.

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Resignation Tips for Construction Employees

It can be intimidating to give notice that you are resigning from your job. This is especially true in the construction industry, where there is a labor shortage. But you should be able to resign without worries – and without ruining your reputation in the industry. The following resignation tips for construction [...]

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What to Look for in a Project Manager for Healthcare Construction and Oil and Gas

There are several traits you want to keep in mind when looking for a new Healthcare Construction Manager. To start, potential candidates will need to have completed basic education. This is a bachelor’s degree in areas such as nursing, health management, and health administration. Your candidate could also have a degree in [...]

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For Construction Companies Looking to Hire Millennials

Construction companies attempting to recruit millennials will need to keep several important things in mind. While this generation wants many similar things from their job as previous generations, there are also some notable differences. Overcoming the Stigma That Construction Jobs Have Low Salaries One of the major challenges facing companies in search [...]

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Understanding Advancement Opportunities in the Construction Industry

Savvy job seekers in the construction industry will look for career advancement opportunities in their search for new roles. Meanwhile, smart construction companies will offer those opportunities. They know that this will attract top talent that is highly motivated. Explore some of those opportunities in construction. Apprenticeships Remain the Most Popular Advancement [...]

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Motivate Your Construction Team Using these Tips

Motivation is easily among the most significant factors encouraging productivity within the construction industry. Given that productivity is a vital part of a project’s success, this makes motivation crucial. While meeting project deadlines is measurable, you may struggle to motivate your construction team. With the right reason, however, you will help them [...]

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Essential Preparation for Construction Interviews

The more prepared and organized you are before construction interviews, the better the odds of receiving better offers. Something else to keep in mind is that showing enthusiasm for the opportunity often means more to some hiring managers than having outstanding credentials and prior work experience. Practicing interview questions is one of [...]

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Construction Interview Tips: Turn Your Strengths into Stories

One of the most important interview questions that candidates are asked during interviews is regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Hiring managers use this along with a variety of other questions to determine who the best fit for the job will be. If you want to stand out from everybody else, then you [...]

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Behavioral Questions Construction Companies Need to Use

It may be hard to have a detailed description of the employee you are hiring prior to the interview process. This is why some business organizations, not only construction companies, should use behavioral questions to have better insight into whom they are giving their work to. It is important for construction companies [...]

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What Top Construction Managers Look for in a New Hire

Whether you are a construction recruiter or someone looking to take advantage of the skilled labor crisis and begin a construction career, it helps to know what top construction managers look for in a new hire. Construction Managers Look for Stability Construction managers typically prefer to hire people who are serious about [...]

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