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Tech Tools That Are Helping Contractors Streamline Operations

Construction contractors and project managers alike are always in search of ways to streamline their operations. Thanks to the combination of technological advances and the demand for innovation, there are now numerous tools available that do just that. The following are just some of the most popular and useful tech tools that [...]

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Automated Workflow Tools Changing Construction Management

Construction managers are responsible for a long list of tasks, many of which can be streamlined. Automated workflow tools are an excellent way to streamline those tasks. This extends from staffing in construction to organizing projects. Why Automated Workflows Make a Difference There are multiple ways that automated workflows help construction managers. [...]

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VR Technology in Construction Is Changing the Game

Technology is constantly changing nearly every industry around the world, including that of construction. Specifically, virtual reality or VR technology is making significant changes. Construction companies have found applications for modern VR technology that span projects, including training, design, and safety. Creating VR Technology Designs for Construction and Pitching Them When projects [...]

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Robotic Automation’s Potential to Enhance Productivity

Automation has already had an impact on many industries, and that impact is likely to continue. One of the many areas where automation from robotics can potentially enhance productivity is construction. Whether you are construction leadership looking toward the future of searching for construction careers in the middle of the skilled labor [...]

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6 LinkedIn Tips for Candidates Who are Ready to Make a Move

Most companies and recruiters use social networking websites like LinkedIn to research potential construction candidates. So, it’s more important now than ever for both passive and active candidates to establish and maintain a professional presence on the platform. Here are some LinkedIn tips to improve your profile if you want to attract [...]

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Construction Salary Ranges for Project Managers and Project Engineers

As the demand for many different construction leadership positions like construction project managers continues to grow, a number of hiring managers are partnering with construction search firm to help them land top talent. The role of project manager is integral to the success of any company. Construction firms that lack skilled project [...]

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Spotlight on Industrial and Manufacturing Construction

From building full-scale warehouses to expansive manufacturing facilities, construction recruiters are frequently looking for candidates with unique skill sets to complete major expansions and renovations for companies around the nation. Industrial and manufacturing construction projects differ from many other building designs because they have distinct specifications and require a unique course of [...]

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What Makes Working with a Recruiter Even More Essential in this Competitive Job Market?

The majority of successful construction firms all share at least one thing in common. They’ve been able to build teams with several all-stars. But, since the job market is so competitive right now, landing the most talented candidates can be difficult to do on your own. That’s why partnering with the right [...]

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Construction Material Innovations

From self-repairing concrete to double-pane solar windows, there have been some exciting developments in improving certain materials used in the construction trade. Researchers hope that implementing many of these innovations will not only improve the durability of the materials that are being used in their projects but will also lessen their environmental [...]

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What’s New in Commercial Construction

At the Birmingham Group, we strive to keep you up-to-date regarding current events and trends in commercial construction. From hurricanes inflating the cost of building materials to new laws being introduced by OSHA, here are a few noteworthy events that made the news recently. Hurricanes Inflating Construction Costs Regrettably, the price of gasoline [...]

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