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Adapting to Labor and Talent Shortage in the Construction Industry

The labor shortage is one of the largest challenges in the construction industry. While this is good news for those in search of construction careers, it is bad for construction firms. Companies are forced to choose between trying to work without a large enough team or struggling to hire talent. Take a [...]

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Why Military Vets Might Be the Solution to Staffing in Construction

It is no secret that the construction industry faces a skilled labor crisis. It is hard for construction companies to recruit skilled employees, and there are even challenges in recruiting unskilled employees who are able to learn the relevant hard skills. But experts suggest that military vets may offer the solution to [...]

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Construction Supply Chain Issues Will Persist

The construction industry is just one of the many industries facing supply chain issues. Now, experts predict that these problems will continue for some time. The specific conversation regarding construction supply chain issues mirrors that of other supply chain problems—experts agree that it will take a long time for the challenges to [...]

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‘Striketober’ Leaves Hiring Gap in Construction Industry

It only looks at recent headlines to see that employees across various industries participated in “Striketober.” That is the popularized term referring to the fact that so many workers across the construction industry went on strike in October. While construction strikes haven’t been at the forefront of the Striketober headlines, the construction [...]

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Is the Construction Industry Experiencing a Labor Shortage?

It is no secret that there is a labor shortage in the construction industry. Even so, not everyone is clear on the impact of this shortage or how it arose. Whether you are a construction recruiter or you want to enter the industry and need a better understanding of construction careers, it [...]

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What Makes Working with a Recruiter Even More Essential in this Competitive Job Market?

The majority of successful construction firms all share at least one thing in common. They’ve been able to build teams with several all-stars. But, since the job market is so competitive right now, landing the most talented candidates can be difficult to do on your own. That’s why partnering with the right [...]

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Current Positions in Demand & Types of Candidates in Demand

Although construction recruiters are always searching for candidates to fill a variety of positions, currently there is a growing demand for particular roles within development companies. Organizations are recognizing that the market is expanding. This uptick in development translates to more projects on the horizon, so firms are planning ahead by making [...]

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Construction Costs are Still Climbing

The construction industry has made a steady comeback after taking a hit during the recession. With the U.S. economy in recovery, the demand for new construction projects has increased and so has construction costs. Material costs and labor availability are the major factors driving up construction expenses. What Factors Impact Material Costs [...]

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3 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Hiring Process

Construction firms that have the most streamlined hiring process are able to attract and retain staff better than those that don’t. If your interview process is structured, then the odds of making the right hiring decisions increase. Start by describing your opportunity and think about your ideal candidate. Successful construction recruiters always [...]

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4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Construction Job Search

Some candidates might send out hundreds of resumes when they are looking for a construction job and then not even get a single interview. If that’s the case, then it’s probably time to reevaluate your overall job search strategy. In spite of the fact that there’s a labor shortage, candidates still need [...]

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