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How to Increase Your Construction Project Manager Salary

Due to playing such a critical role in the construction process, construction project managers can demand a high salary for the value they bring to the project. Here are some ways to increase your construction project manager salary.

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How to Spot a Great Construction Project Manager

Every construction company will find itself in need of more project managers at some point. This is both a crucial part of company growth and the natural result of people leaving or retiring. But you want to ensure that the project managers you hire are hard-working and talented with plenty of experience. [...]

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Understanding Construction Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Project management is a crucial role in any sector of construction. But this role has some unique characteristics in the oil and gas industry. A better understanding of this type of project management role is essential to anyone looking to apply for or hire someone to fill the role. Why Oil and [...]

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Brian Binke, CEO Birmingham Group: “What Employers Want in a Construction Project Manager” Featured in United Rentals

By Kim Slowey Construction project managers are in high demand at the moment. If you’re thinking of becoming one, what skills and traits will you need? We talked with Brian Binke, president and CEO of Detroit-area construction executive search firm The Birmingham Group, to find out what assets employers today want their project [...]

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