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Safety Tips that Heavy Equipment Operators Need to Know

Whether working as a heavy equipment operator or hiring one for your construction company, it is crucial to be familiar with the proper safety guidelines. The following safety tips are the most important for workers in this role. Proper Training Is Essential for Heavy Equipment Operators The most important safety tip is [...]

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Construction Industry Safety Continues to Improve — Here’s Why

Looking at data on construction industry safety shows improvements over time. Examine the data to see the extent of the upgrades before looking at why the industry has become safer. Important Figures on Improvements to Construction Industry Safety Before OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created in 1971, experts estimated that 14,000 people [...]

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How to Improve Worksite Safety in the Construction Field

Construction jobs often entail a degree of risk. The potential for injury is greater than in other fields that require less machinery and manual labor. Most companies, however, recognize the risk and try to minimize it. Identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards are the keys to risk management. Safety Expectations There are [...]

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Top Construction Trends for 2018

This year ushered in a variety of significant changes in the construction industry. Many of the changes seemed to revolve around technology in an effort to render building processes more efficient. As the construction industry continues to progress, contractors are always searching for the latest innovative techniques while remaining as cost-effective as [...]

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Commercial Construction Safety: Takeaways from Safety Week 2017

Whether it’s keeping bystanders out of harm’s way, or ensuring that their workers are protected from a slew of worksite dangers, commercial construction safety is an ongoing challenge for many companies. Safety Week 2017 just wrapped up its annual initiative that featured a number of training sessions and events all for the [...]

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4 Tips to Improve Construction Safety for New Hires

As hiring in construction increases, construction safety issues become imminently more important. Fatalities are on the rise as demand for construction projects climbs. Now is the time to shore up your safety processes and procedures to keep on-the-job injuries low. The Associated General Contractors of America released 13 steps to improve workplace safety in [...]

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