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Pre-Construction Salaries: A Comprehensive Guide for Construction Talent Recruitment

A Pre-construction Director oversees multiple construction projects that are either smaller yet complex or exceed a budget of $50 million. That's part of the reason pre-construction salaries are high.

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Average Construction Salary for Top Chief Construction Estimators Salary Averages $150,000

Construction estimators play a critical role in the construction industry by determining the cost of projects, and the average salary for top chief construction estimators is around $150,000, making it a lucrative career choice.

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Entry Level Estimator Salary Trends for United States

The costs of materials can significantly impact building construction projects. Especially in recent years, with prices fluctuating and rising more rapidly than ever, the construction estimator position has become even more critical.

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Construction Assistant Superintendent Salary Compared to Superintendent I

While salary is not the only reason someone accepts a construction job, it remains a major contributing factor. As construction professionals map out their career path, they often have a desired salary in mind. Construction Assistant Superintendent salary is one the highest ones in the field.

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Construction Salaries Continue to Rise

Recruiters, construction leadership, and employees alike have noticed a rise in construction salaries. While the salaries are on the rise, there is still a serious shortage of workers. This means that high salaries are not enough. Many construction companies are still turning to recruiters to help them find talent. The Rising Salaries [...]

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General Foreman Roles, Responsibilities, and Salary

The general foreman is just one of many construction leadership jobs. Whether you're interested in taking advantage of the labor shortage to enter the construction industry or you’re a construction recruiter, you will want to learn more about general foremen, including their salary and responsibilities. General Foreman Roles and Responsibilities General foremen [...]

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Construction and Engineering Mergers and Acquisitions at All Time High

Construction and engineering mergers and acquisition reached record highs last year and the sector continues to see incredible activity this year. These trends demonstrate the strength of the construction market, but also means firms need to rethink their hiring strategies. Merger and Acquisition Trends Between 2010 and 2017, the annual number of [...]

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Current Positions in Demand in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction careers are as robust as they've ever been thanks to a strong U.S. economy. Yet, firms around the country continue to face staff and labor shortages leaving some of the most crucial positions in demand in commercial construction. We continue to consult with industry executives concerning the skilled labor crisis [...]

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Don’t Procrastinate: In This Market You Need to Think About Hiring

With engineering and construction unemployment rates at a record low, you should start thinking about hiring now. In other markets, you may have been able to wait to start the hiring process and it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but in this employment environment there’s no room to procrastinate. As [...]

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How Much Do Preconstruction Managers and Preconstruction Directors Get Paid?

There is strong growth potential for commercial construction professionals in preconstruction. With the right skills and experience, many construction professionals can achieve a 6-figure salary. Yet, construction firms need to stay competitive in their salaries and benefits in order to attract and retain top talent. Preconstruction managers and preconstruction directors have specific [...]

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