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Great Construction Superintendents Lead by Example

There are many essential traits to look for in great construction superintendents. They regularly interact with workers, clients, and material suppliers. As such, they need both hard and soft skills. Great construction superintendents lead with every interaction they have with the team. 

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Construction Assistant Superintendent Salary Compared to Superintendent I

While salary is not the only reason someone accepts a construction job, it remains a major contributing factor. As construction professionals map out their career path, they often have a desired salary in mind. Construction Assistant Superintendent salary is one the highest ones in the field.

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Why Construction Superintendents Tend to Like Their Jobs

Whether you are thinking of a career in construction or are a recruiter in search of a construction superintendent, understanding why people in this role like their job is crucial. Those considering this career can use that knowledge to consider a path toward becoming a superintendent. Those recruiting for the role can [...]

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4 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Some candidates underestimate the importance of creating a professional resume. This often proves to be one of the most significant mistakes made by those looking for a new opportunity in their construction career, because a quality resume is your first impression to an employer. As the construction industry becomes increasingly competitive, ensuring [...]

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