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Where to Find Skilled Construction Workers in a Lean Market

Fewer young people are entering the construction market. Combined with baby boomers retiring, this leaves a gap that construction firms have to fill. Such a lean market can be intimidating, but the following techniques can help you find and recruit construction talent. The State of the Lean Market: Why Employers Wonder Where [...]

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Trump’s Job Training Initiative

President Donald Trump recently announced a “Pledge to America’s Workers,” and he also issued an executive order to help solve the nation’s skilled labor crisis. He called for hundreds of companies and organizations to join in this effort to provide additional job training and apprenticeship opportunities across many different American industries, including [...]

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Next Steps in the Commercial Construction Labor Shortage

From the East coast to the West coast, a shortage of skilled construction labor within the commercial construction industry remains an ongoing epidemic throughout the United States. The demand for hotels, condos and office buildings continues to outpace the pool of those people qualified to build them. National Commercial Construction Survey According [...]

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