As the hiring process evolves, more firms are integrating tech tools to improve screening and interviewing, saving both time and money. More tools are being introduced across the construction recruiting industry, giving us more resources than we’ve ever had to streamline the screening process. From artificial intelligence to social media, here are some of the ways that tech is helping us to meet both our candidate’s and client’s needs.

Hiring Intelligence

More recruiters are investing in enterprise solutions to improve their recruiting process. Our firm has invested in a proprietary platform that helps us to recruit more efficiently, improve candidate quality, and increase retention. This state-of-the-art platform provides us with several more AI-driven and executive solutions which we use to give our clients an edge and make more informed hiring decisions. This enterprise software offers integrated video interviewing which allows us to streamline the interview process by initiating mini interviews with candidates upfront.

A Seamless Process

Video interviewing allows us to ask candidates pre-scripted questions created in advance by our client’s hiring managers. This allows our clients to observe the candidate’s personality, communication skills, and knowledge. They appreciate the time and money it saves them compared to the traditional process. It improves the chance of making a great hire because it allows candidates that true superstars to stand out when they otherwise wouldn’t be considered based on something lacking on their resume.

Saving Resources and Finding Hidden Gems

This is a great alternative to spending the time of several managers conducting traditional interviews and spending money for flights, lodging, food, etc. only to discover that a candidate isn’t the right fit. There are many excellent candidates who have resumes that aren’t that pretty, but the hiring manager realizes how truly impressive they are when they watch the video interviews. On other hand there are also weaker candidates who know how to write a great resume. The video interviews and AI-powered assessments that we utilize to help us to identify the most qualified candidates on the market and screen out those with little more to offer than a pretty resume.

Observing Social Channels

The advancement of social media channels has also changed the hiring process. Smart recruiters take the time to review candidates’ social media channels during the screening process to gain valuable insight into their background and overall personal brand. How passionate are they about the construction industry? Are they active across their platforms by sharing industry related topics or publishing blog posts? Many successful construction professionals use their social media platforms to network with other industry professionals and to showcase their achievements.

Technology is changing the hiring process in construction. We now have more tools and resources to create a more efficient process. From artificial intelligence to video interviewing and social media, there are many exciting tools we invest in to help us meet our candidate’s and client’s needs.

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